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Global construction robot market value to triple by 2030

Dive Brief:

  • Robotics in construction are increasing, and new general market trends demonstrates the sector is likely to swell in value as contractors turn to technology to combat safety and labor shortage issues.
  • The global construction robotics market is poised to attain $164 million by 2030, in accordance with general market trends firm Straits Research. The U.S. and Europe would be the largest geographic areas for adoption.
  • The global market was valued at $50 million in 2021, and had a compounded annual growth rate of 14%, in accordance with Straits. As more folks around the world migrate into cities, notes the report, demand for infrastructure and transportation services, alongside housing, will drive up construction demand, leading employers to robotics to fill labor gaps.

Dive Insight:

Straits expects the construction robotics market in the U.S. to attain $54 million and the European market to attain $52 million. However, current adoption favors the European market, which includes 1.2 robots for each 10,000 construction industry workers, on the American market, which includes 0.2 robots for each 10,000 construction industry workers.

Key players in the development of construction-related robots, based on the research, include Melbourne, Florida-based 3D printer Apis Cor and Mountain View, California-based firm Dusty Robotics, whose chief product is really a layout robot that using autonomous technology to streamline the generally tedious and time-consuming layout process.

Additional key players include Stockholm-based machine development company Husqvarna and Copenhagen-based 3D printing company COBOD, which recently netted an investment from global capital raising firm CEMEX Ventures, an arm of creating material giant CEMEX.

As the uptake of robotics in construction has been slow by some measures, experts are ready for the technology to explode, predicting mass adoption next 2 decades or the moment five years from now.

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