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Global Women International Leadership Network to handle Emerging Trends running a business, Technology and Society and Empower Women

Global Women International Leadership Network to Address Emerging Trends in Business, Technology and Society and Empower Women

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 19, 2022 –(–Inspiring Women Worldwide. Thats the message the Worlds Prominent Women International Network (WIN) is bringing to its jubilee edition event in Rome.

The 25th edition of the Annual Global conference is defined to unite top female and male professionals worldwide to handle current challenges, test our diverse and inclusive decision making and accelerate our impact on earth, at work inside our lives.

The three-day event provides a distinctive framework of change and a chance to meet the leaders of today and tomorrow, advocate, and exchange business ideas, all targeted at developing a world that works for several.

WIN was founded in 1997 in Milan by Norwegian social entrepreneur and pioneer Kristin Engvig to empower, develop and connect women leaders all over the world in its unique feminine, authentic and globally inclusive and sustainable way.

WINs vision would be to expand the global community and network of conscious and inspired leaders prepared to bring their signature leadership to social communities, corporations, supranational institutions, political organizations and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Through its innovative and collaborative framework of change, WIN connects a large number of people worldwide: politicians, people, musicians, multinationals, artists, and entrepreneurs. It develops new leadership paths for folks and organizations, helps rural communities, and develops projects to aid women all over the world.

WINs Women Empowerment Fund provides scholarships and support to projects that improve lives and enable economic and individual empowerment. During the past 25 years, by using members and different stakeholders, WINs Fund awarded a lot more than 1,000 scholarships and supported numerous initiatives.

Since 1997, a lot more than 22,500 folks from 129 countries have joined Women International Networking, 93% being women.

During the last 2 decades, the global WIN conference has been hosted in Prague, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Lausanne, Geneva, Oslo, Barcelona, Athens, and Rome and on-line. As well as the flagship Global WIN Conference, on-line forums, mobilizing events, and learning journeys happen worldwide, especially active in Japan, India, Nigeria and Dubai.

Women hold biases towards themselves along with other women until they’re made alert to it. It isn’t necessarily only men or institutions that hold biases towards women and the feminine. Another future can be done and has already been waiting to be revealed. Giving value to the feminine on the planet, in this moment, asks us to have a are a symbol of our growth and integrity. Evolving our consciousness is crucial. We will continue steadily to inspire conscious, values-driven leaders to generate and live their lives with beauty, enthusiasm, and authenticity, said Kristin Engvig, founder of WIN.

Visit Global Women International Leadership Conference in Rome on September 21-23, 2022, at Ergife Palace Hotel, become area of the learning experience, meet global leaders, and connect to world thinkers and innovators in diversity and inclusion.

Notes to editors

Briefings can be found on-site and virtually with spokespeople.

Please get in contact +41795585951 to book a period slot.

High-res images can be found on request.

Interviews will undoubtedly be available with the Founder of WIN Kristin Engvig.

About WIN

WIN is really a leadership organization located in Lausanne, Switzerland founded in 1997 in Milan by Norwegian social entrepreneur Kristin Engvig. A mission-driven organization specialized in empowering and inspiring ladies in Europe and all over the world, WIN offers a framework for change in addition to a community of global pioneering women today’s sisterhood working internationally.

Women International Networking

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WIN 2022 Global Leadership event backgrounder


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