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Gmoney Hosts Season 2 of Web3 Game Show Bear Mark Battle

Internet Game: Season 2 is here, and popular web3 thought leader and NFT creator, gmoney, would be the host. Season 2, officially titled Bear Market Battle, promises to be bigger and much better than ever. Therefore, expect high-quality games in the most recent edition of the fast-paced Web3 blockchain game.

Image of gmoney, web3 game
gmoney is joining Internet Game: Season 2 as a bunch

gmoney hosts the brand new season of the favorite Web3 game!

Bear Market Battle launches on September 19th and can feature six brand-new games. Running until September 30th, this colossal event will incorporate the classic 1950s-1960s game styles, considered the golden age of game shows.

THE WEB Game series is exciting, fast, and exclusive to Web3. A really interactive experience,THE WEB Game Discord community vote on the NFT prizes, and players buy directly into join the overall game.

Actress Leah Lamarr will continue to work alongside gmoney in the brand new season of the web3 game. Together, they’ll act as helpful information for players during each round. The ultimate head-to-head battle may also see gmoney host exclusively.

What prizes are available in Bear Market Battle?

Players in the Bear Market Battle can win some seriously impressive prizes. Amongst these is really a highly valuable Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. The existing floor price for a BAYC NFT is really a whopping 73 ETH! The NFT shared, #4317, has pink fur with a brief mohawk and 3D glasses.

Other fantastic prizes in the Internet Game: Season 2 add a pass to the gmoney Admit One community. Furthermore, winners may also access gmoneys initial 9dcc drop ITERATION-01 luxury Networked Product t-shirt.

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