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Gnosis (GNO) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025: Will GNO Price RISE?

As retailers interests diverge from ventures which are considered mainstream, the crypto-verse has been available to continuous innovation. Several cryptocurrency projects with breakthrough innovations have emerged on the market. One particular project is gnosisinformation gnosis DeFi Followers : 0 View profile , that is a decentralized prediction market network that’s open-source and built on the ethereuminformation ethereum Blockchain NetworkTechnology Followers : 0 View profile network.

The companys core objectives include customized information search, the typical for predictive assets. And evolving as the utmost effective forecasting tool in the market. The primary interoperable products of Gnosis are employed for creating, trading, and holding digital assets on Ethereum.

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Gnosis GNO had manifested an impressive price hike with a substantial margin, recently. Investment professionals have already been hoping for one particular outburst. Are you currently one among the many people who are thinking about GNO? Fret not as weve got you covered with this GNO price prediction for 2022 and beyond!


Cryptocurrency Gnosis
Token GNO
USD Price $157.29
Market Cap $405,741,327
Trading Volume $4,309,919
Circulating Supply 2,579,588.00 GNO
All-time high $1088.87 (Nov 16, 2021)
All-time low $7.05 (Mar 13, 2020)

The statistics are from press time.

Gnosis (GNO) Price Prediction

Year Potential Low Average Price Potential High
2022 $175.6 $201.8 $235.2
2023 $217.7 $283.6 $400.8
2024 $335.4 $459.3 $597.5
2025 $485.9 $638.1 $894.8

Gnosis Price Prediction For 2022

GNO had a bullish begin to the entire year with a cost of $529. However, from the very first of January the purchase price progressively began bumping right down to reach $280 on the 21st of January. The volatility raised its bars because the coin again walked into an uptrend reaching $378 on the 16th of February.

The price kept revolving round the $350 price margin before 30th of March when it confronted another peak at $469. However, this surge was for the short-term, because the coin have been under bearish pressure since that time. It fell to attain $314 on the 27th of April.

Carrying out a continuous downtrend, the token struck $225 on the 13th of May. The downfall saw no bar because the price was $191 on the 5th of June. Having less motivation was due to the variations amongst marketers. Which also caused significant drops in the trading charts. Conversely, during writing the coin was seen trading at $158.

GNO Price Forecast For Q3

Gnosis protocol V2 batch auctions offer maximum extractable value protection and integration with liquidity sources in decentralized exchanges for best-priced trades. That said, greater interoperability can push GNOs price going to $192.6 in the 3rd quarter.

However, too little trading activity and interest may cause the purchase price to drop to $147.4. The common price may find yourself at $170 once the bullish and bearish targets are considered.

Gnosis Price Forecast For Q4

Members can exchange and obtain market knowledge because of the effective data search and sharing capacity for Gnosis. Making informed market decisions will assist in adjusting the worthiness of market commodities. This, alongside optimism of the fourth quarter, might trigger a fresh top of $235.2.

However, too little ambitious future developments could bring the price drop to $175.6. Without external influences, a linear price estimate might set the price at $201.8.

GNO Price Prediction For 2023

The foundations of Gnosis emphasize putting the city at the forefront. It hosts the entire Node co-working centre for decentralized digital innovations and DappCon, a nonprofit event for the Ethereum community. That said, a rise in user base might peak its cost at $400.8.

Instead, failing woefully to cement its dominance amid escalating competition The cryptocurrency may crash to its low of $217.7. However, tied to a linear motion, GNO might settle at the average cost of $283.6.

Gnosis Crypto Price Prediction For 2024

The coin might reap the benefits of community-building and forthcoming upgrades. This, alongside predictions for the fourth quarter, might trigger a fresh record of $597.5. However, a dearth of optimistic development efforts could bring the price right down to $335.4. Also, a linear price estimate might set the purchase price at $459.3.

Gnosis Price Prediction For 2025

Gnosis objective would be to ensure it is simple for programmers to generate dApps along with Gnosis as a decentralized, permissionless ecosystem. Additionally, it includes a devkit to permit building your own case on the bottom of the platform as simply as you possibly can. This may stir its maximum price to attain $894.8 by 2025.

A bearish divergence, though, shouldn’t be disregarded. If collapsed the purchase price may trend at the amount of about $485.9. The common cost might reach $638.1 if both bullish and bearish targets are considered.

What Does the marketplace Say?

Wallet Investor

Based on the GNO price prediction by Wallet Investor. The cost of the altcoin might surge to no more than $399.325 by the finish of 2022. Whilst a reversal in trends could knock the purchase price right down to $231.189. A balance in trade practices could land the purchase price at $321.706. The analysts from the firm have set the utmost closing target for 2025 at $872.214.

Digital Coin Price

Digital Coin Price expects the GNO price to soar as high as $224.07 by the annual trade closure of 2022. The firm also hosts the prediction for the future. Successively, the utmost closing targets for 2023 and 2025 are set at $547.136 and $872.214 respectively.

Price Prediction

The prediction website hosts the Gnosis price prediction for both short and the future. Accordingly, GNO is forecasted to propel to no more than $322.42 by the finish of 2022. That said, the pricer targets for 2023 and 2025 are set at $483.25 and $1000.06.

Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts expects the cost of GNO to surge to no more than $195.826 by the final outcome of the existing year. Successively, the minimum and average closing targets for the entire year are set at $133.162 and $156.661. Trading Beasts has pinned the utmost closing target for 2025 at $390.227.

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WHAT’S Gnosis?

Gnosis is really a decentralized-prediction-system developed on the Ethereum protocol. The machine helps individuals safely create, trade, and retain virtual currencies on Ethereum via its three integrated solutions. Consumers can gather data about impending occurrences and create forecasts which consists of services.

Individuals may also setup a prediction marketplace on the app that anyone can wager on. Sports, currency markets changes, weather forecasts, and political interests are featured events by the Gnosis. The principal goal of the business enterprise would be to deliver personalized information seeking and prognostic assets to produce a powerful forecasting tool.

Mainly, Gnosis is founded on the idea a groups collective prophecies are usually more precise than even those created by a specialist. The Gnosis safe, sometimes known as a multi-signalling wallet, enables several users to control their money collaboratively. To operate with web3 wallets, it stores ETH and ERC-20 coins.

Fundamental Analysis

Gnosis (GNO) went reside in 2015 as an element of consensysinformation consensys t[emailprotected] Crypto / Blockchain Solution Followers : 0 View profile , an Ethereum venture production firm, by Martin Koppelmann and Stefan George. In April 2017, Gnosis was fortunate to obtain funding and setup shop alone in Gibraltar.

Gnosis presently employs a lot more than 50 people globally, using its main production centre located at the co-working space Full Node in Berlin. Smart contracts built on Ethereum are employed by the Gnosis network. As smart contracts are housed on the Ethereum network, the nodes, and miners who employ Proof-of-Work to help keep the Ethereum network secure also look after basic privacy.

Moreover, to make sure that the code within their smart contracts is current, safe, and compliant with the Ethereum framework, the Gnosis ecosystem also performs routine audits. Because of this, it includes increased security in addition to new features including multi-factor authentication, enhanced DApp compatibility & interaction, and increased recovery techniques.

CoinPedias GNO Price Prediction

Gnosis would gain attention with newer developments and partnerships. Also, the platform will improve its performance to help expand increase its prediction system. The ecosystem, therefore, stands an excellent opportunity of achieving significant benchmarks.

Based on the GNO price forecast by Coinpedia, the currency could reach record highs. In light of the variations, GNO may therefore trade around $235 by the finish of 2022. On the other hand, if the network doesnt surpass expectations, it could hit a minimal of $175.

Historical Market Sentiments


  • The Gnosis price went around $266 in 2017 from its launch date price of $30.
  • The purchase price further spiked to $331 in the center of August creating new highs.
  • The token ended the entire year at $268 entering a bull run.


  • The worthiness of the coin quickly touched $409 on the 5th of January.
  • Following this sudden peak, the coin instantly began rolling down.
  • The worthiness fell by $60 in April and from there it didn’t see any major up trend for all of those other year.


  • The entire year did not grow to be a fortunate year for the virtual currency because the price remained stable.
  • The token traded below $30 for nearly all of the year without major growth.


  • After finding a bullish kickstart, the currencys value, however, began to decline and remained low reaching an all-time low of $7.05 on March 13th, 2020.
  • GNO, however, enjoyed a resurgence and closed 2020 at $75.50.


  • With several sporadic dips, Gnosis retained its upward trend in 2021.
  • It struck an all-time most of $1,088.87 on November 16th.
  • The coin then had a retracement and terminated the entire year at $532.12.

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Q: Is Gnosis an excellent investment?

A: GNO is a volatile coin and will be looked at for the future, whilst evaluating its fundamentals.

Q: What Does Gnosis Coin Do?

A: Gnosis can be an Ethereum-based token that’s primarily used to stake OWL tokens also to receive prizes. Users may also lock GNO for no more than twelve months.

Q: Exactly what will the utmost price of GNO be by the finish of 2022?

A: In accordance with our GNO price prediction, the digital tokens price could surge as high as $235.2.

Q: Exactly what will function as average price of GNO by 2025?

A: The coin is expected to trade the average price of $638.1 by the finish of 2025.

Q: Where may i buy Gnosis?

A: It really is designed for trading at major exchanges like Binance,, AscendEX, Uniswap, Kraken, Sushiswap, etc

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