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Godins Radium-X is really a chambered electric having an acoustic alter-ego

Godin Radium-X

(Image credit: Godin)

Godin has unveiled the Radium-X, which promises to provide both acoustic and guitar tones, because of its innovative LR Baggs X-Bridge.

The Radium-X may be the latest model in the brands ongoing experiment in blurring the lines between electric and classical guitar builds. You’d be forgiven though, on hearing the name Radium-X, to anticipate some shining, futuristic looking thing a Delorean instrument.

Godin Radium-X

Godin Radium-X in Natural finish (Image credit: Godin)

Instead, the Canadian luthier has presented a far more traditional looking T-style build with a grain-y, naturalistic construction, but make no mistakes the forward-thinking tech remains, its just hidden under the surface.

Theres a chambered mahogany body capped with a carved swamp ash top, a mahogany neck and a 25.5-scale rosewood fingerboard. Its packed with a thoroughly flexible HH configuration of a Seymour Duncan Jazz SH-2 at the neck and Bare Knuckle TRAINING True Grit Zebra at the bridge.

Godin describes the sounds available from the pairing as with the capacity of delivering powerful, warm distortion to clear, glassy tones. Indeed, in writing it really should give a large amount of versatility, however the Radium-X expands the tonal possibilities even more because of the addition of an LR Baggs X-Bridge vibrato.

This combines an undersaddle piezo with an integral preamp and enables the Radium-X to utilize acoustic-style tones (via the piezo) and blend them using its traditional magnetic pickups, without active circuitry.

Godin Radium-X

(Image credit: Godin)

The choice is controlled with a mini-toggle (offering piezo, magnetic or blend options) and an acoustic volume control. Alongside it is a more traditional setup of volume and tone controls and a three-way pickup selector (installed on top of the horn) for the humbuckers.

Finally, the Radium-X offers dual outputs, meaning it is possible to direct the X-Bridge and magnetic pickup outputs along different signal paths, if that’s the case desired.

The Radium-X comes in Natural and Rustic Burst finishes having an expected retail price of around $2,250. To find out more, check out Godins site (opens in new tab).

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