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GodLike at the CoD: Mobile World Championship Setting Expectations

GodLike Esports became the initial team to be eligible for the upcoming Call Of Duty Mobile World Championships. They did so by winning the India Regional qualifiers after defeating Team Vitality in the finals of the tournament. It has made Godlike the regional champion of India for the 3rd amount of time in a row.

As the Call Of Duty Scene in India has been slowly picking right up the pace. This news would generate much more fans to test the overall game. With the recent banning of varied battle royal games in India, GodLike made a decision to change the mood within the.

GodLike CODM

GodLike becoming the winningest team

The regionals were a two-part tournament. The initial part includes the Swiss design of league matches and the next was Playoffs. Two teams from each group would be eligible for the playoff matches. Through the Swiss rounds of the tournament, Enigma Gaming and GodLike Esports provided a clean sweep by winning 2-0. While Revenant Esports and Team Vitality finished the swiss round as winners after winning 2-1.

Through the semi Finals, Godlike defeated Revenant Esports 3-0 and Vitality defeated Enigma Gaming in a detailed 3-2 game. This then results in quite a thrilling lower bracket faceoff between Enigma Gaming and Revenant Esports. Enigma won the match with a score of 3-1 losing the Search and Destroy game on Standoff.

Team Vitality was defeated by GodLike in the regional final while GodLike won the regional qualifiers to easily visit the World Championship Grand Finals. GodLike pulled off an unbelievable comeback triumph, behind 1-3 in the championship match before winning the next three games in a row to defeat Vitality 4-3 and claim the title.

So what can one expect from GodLike Esports in Call Of Duty Mobile?

As mentioned, GodLike won the decision of Duty: Mobile World Championship for India in 2020 and 2021. Because of COVID-19, the 2020 event was postponed, and Activision divided the 2021 edition into two areas, East and West. Through the 2021 tournament, GodLike Esports were in the East Tournament. Within the tournament, that they had to handle off against other teams from the continent of Asia. While being in group B they won 2 of these 5 games and came 4th in the listing. Because of this, they didnt be eligible for the playoffs.

This tournament subsequently made the business rethink their roaster. Therefore players like SHIK4RI, HiTzy, PreVail & G-ShotZ retired from the overall game. The brand new roaster for 2022 includes:

  • Learn( Captain/IGL)
  • Vegaz
  • Neutrino
  • Broszxs
  • TrunKs
  • BurnZ

Following the roster changes, GodLike started their regional operate on fire. Coming 1st in every the 4 tournaments they have been part of because of this year. While their playstyle includes mainly skilful aggression on certain game modes. Through the maps where they dont have the benefit, they have a tendency to play more passive than what you might expect.

How has GodLike Been so dominant?

For the 3rd time, the existing GodLike Esports team has been named the regional champions. While their dominant run could be predicated on multiple factors, normally the one being contact with the game. Within the beginning Call Of Duty Mobile took the planet by storm, India lagged behind in adopting. (except GodLike needless to say)

Following addition of the Battle Royal, COD hasnt done much to help make the game better. The overall game hasnt had what many had hoped to function as hype because of its esports scene locally. A lot more mobile games have appeared and also have a far more active esports competitive scene in India. Players appear to prefer BR more then Classic modes.

With the tournament played in Classic game modes but on mobile, GodLike found a distinct segment they are able to consistently dominate.

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