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Google is Tackling Dolby Atmos With a fresh Open Media Format Project Caviar

Google Dolby Atmos Project Caviar

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Google is focusing on a royalty-free open media format to rival Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

The inner plans, called Project Caviar, were proven to specific hardware manufacturers earlier this season, according to a written report fromProtocol. Googles presentation called the project ways to create a healthier, broader ecosystem for premium media experiences. Since it stands, anyone who uses Dolbys formats must pay a licensing fee to take action.

YouTube may be the primary focus for introducing a competing standard with Dolby. The biggest video platform on the planet will not currently support Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision. Googles efforts in the video realm have already been primarily centered on codecs. It helped to found the Alliance for Open Media, which oversees the royalty-free AV1 video codec.

Protocol reports that Project Caviar differs than Googles past audio projects because its not just a codec. It targets 3D audio and HDR video formats that use existing codecs but supplies a rich and immersive media playback experience. The clear aim would be to give YouTube creators usage of Dolby Atmos-like experiences with no need to cover Dolbys licensing fees.

Dolby makes the majority of its money through licensing with hardware manufacturers. Dolby Vision nets up to $3 per TV produced with the technology. We dont know very well what Dolby charges hardware manufacturers to license its Dolby Atmos tech as the company hasnt publicly disclosed it. But Xbox owners who wish to experience Dolby Atmos on the console pay a $15 license per console to take action.

Google and several other companies beneath the Alliance for Open Media may also be seeking an alternative solution to Dolby Atmos. Members include Amazon, Netflix, Meta, and Samsung, among other smaller companies. The consortium happens to be working on a fresh audio format called Immersive Audio Containerdesigned to deliver a 3D audio experience with existing open codecs. Apple has thrown its support behind Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmosso is really a format war accessible?

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