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Google Meet is stealing Zooms trick to easily unmute

As Google carries out the needlessly complex procedure for combining both Meet and Duo apps, now its throwing an attribute copied from Zoom in the mix. In an update on the Google Workspace blog, the business announced that Google Meet will soon provide you with the capability to unmute yourself by holding down the spacebar also to mute yourself again by releasing it.

In the event that you frequently use Zoom, this feature may appear nearly the same as its push-to-talk feature and thats because its fundamentally the ditto. Zoom obviously didnt revolutionize this feature (we’ve walkie-talkies to thank for that), nonetheless it conveniently helps it be available during video conferences, which will come in handy once you desire to chime in throughout a meeting but dont desire to stay unmuted for long. Ciscos Webex includes a similar capability, even though Microsoft Teams widely launched a Walkie Talkie feature earlier this season, its not at all something you may use during video conferences.

Google says it’ll start rolling out its version of the shortcut to all or any Workspace users on September 9th, nonetheless it could use up to 15 days so that you can view it. Once it arrives, it wont be fired up automagically, so youll need to enable it from Google Meets settings.

Confusingly, Googles efforts to merge Duo and Meet have gone us with the brand new Meet app (one that combines both Duo and Meet), the old Meet (Original) app, and a Duo shortcut leading to meet up. Its truly something only Google could come up with. Having said that, Im confident the brand new push-to-talk features arriving at the brand new Google Meet app, but its still nearly clear whether its arriving at the Meet (Original) app, as Google will eventually discontinue it. The Verge reached out to Google to see if it might clear things up but didnt immediately hear back.

Update August 28th, 2: 15PM ET: Updated to clarify that Zoom wasnt the first ever to create push-to-talk, and that various other services use similar features.

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