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Googles Pixel 6a seems to have an enormous security issue

After unveiling the telephone at Google I/O in-may, Google opened preorders for the Pixel 6a last Thursday. Early reviews have already been rather positive, with members of the press praising its design, performance, and battery life. Unfortunately, the Pixel 6a may also present a massive security issue that Google must fix as quickly as possible.

Pixel 6a fingerprint sensor security issue

Pixel 6a owners that got their practical the telephone early have shared their concerns in regards to a fairly serious issue on social media marketing. These users declare that the Pixel 6a in-display fingerprint sensor works together with any finger. Even though you create Googles Fingerprint Unlock feature to utilize among your fingerprints, anyones will continue to work.

Its unclear how widespread this matter may be or why you have it. Having said that, there are at the very least two videos showcasing the problem doing his thing. In the initial, you can view numerous people unlock a Pixel 6a even though they will have not create their fingerprints on the telephone. The telephone doesnt even appear to be checking their fingerprints:

In another video, Youtuber Geekyranjit shows how his Pixel 6a unlocks with either of his thumbs, even though he only setup a fingerprint for just one of these. He experiments with a number of other phones showing that isnt the expected behavior:

These videos are specially curious considering that none of the reviews mentioned any problems with the fingerprint sensor. Below are a few quotes from reviews:

  • For securely unlocking your phone, the 6a features an under-display fingerprint scanner that worked flawlessly inside our testing. PCMag
  • And yes, that fingerprint scanner can be fast, and even though its not leaps and bounds prior to the Google Pixel 6s, its more responsive. Gizmodo
  • The Pixel 6a is really a slight improvement overall. It feels a tick faster compared to the Pixel 6 Pro, but just barely. Youd really only spot the difference in side-by-side usage. When it comes to reliability, I didnt genuinely have any complaints. 9to5Google

This may simply be considered a case of several faulty models, but we cant be certain quite yet. Google has yet to handle these reports during writing.

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