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Googles Wi-Fi 6E router, the Nest Wifi Pro, gets briefly listed for $199

Just with time for Wi-Fi 7

It has Wi-Fi 6E, seemingly no Google Assistant, and Ethernet backhaul.

The current Nest Wifi.

Enlarge / The existing Nest Wifi.


Google’s October 6 event is fast approaching, and a huge amount of hardware is leaking in advance. We know concerning the Pixel 7, thePixel Watch, and the brand new low-end Chromecastnow, think about the “Nest Wifi Pro”?

Hot off its appearance at the FCC last month, Google’s next Wi-Fi router popped up in a retail listing from B&H Photo on the weekend. The listing has been removed, but 9to5Google, which spotted the listing, includes a backup. Emblazoned right in the B&H title is “Wi-Fi 6E” support, that is the big upgrade in this “Pro” model and really should lead to a far more robust connection. 6E moves Wi-Fi in to the 6 GHz range (alongsidethe existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands), that may greatly expand the capability of the shared airwaves all Wi-Fi must use. In the event that you reside in a crowded area as an apartment building, your Wi-Fi performance could be greatly reduced if your neighbors consume all of the spectrum. Picking right up that new 6 GHz slice of spectrum means more space for everybody.

Including Wi-Fi’s latest standard will apparently have a price increase for the brand new unit. B&H lists a $199 price for an individual unit, as the current Nest Wifi is $169 for a “router” unit. A two-pack of Wifi Pros is $299 (the non-Pro two-pack is $269), while a three-pack is $399 (versus $349 for a non-Pro pack). The “Pro” branding and higher price ensure it is sound like the prevailing Nest Wifi, which only supports the aging 802.11ac (aka Wi-Fi 5) protocol, it’s still on the market.

The existing Nest Wifitwo- and three-pack bundles add a “router” because the first unit and “point” units because the second and third devices, but that difference isn’t mentioned in the Pro’s B&H listing. For the existing Nest Wifi, the “router” may be the main unit with two Ethernet jacks and better antennas, as the “point” units are just Wi-Fi extenders without Ethernet ports. The primary criticism of the bundle is that both “point” units in a three pack can’t do wired backhaul since they haven’t any Ethernet ports. Having an Ethernet port on every unit would help the brand new model surpass the “Pro” name.

Also not mentioned in the listing may be the Google Assistant. In today’s Nest Wifi, the “point” units likewise incorporate a Google Assistant speaker and microphone, enabling you to go all-in on the Google Ecosystem with one combo device. It appears like the Pro models is only going to be network devices.

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