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Gorgeous New Trailer Unveils Fall Premiere of Raven of the Inner Palace

Palace consorts have a notorious reputation for his or her jobs, the protagonist of Raven of the Inner Palace hasn’t been asked by the emperor. Jusetsu lives her life in secrecy as even the royal guards fear so much her.

How come everyone scared of a straightforward concubine? Because she actually is rumored to possess powers beyond ones understanding. She handles curses, lost objects, and the mystic. Once the young king needs her assist in the upcoming anime, can she disobey his orders?

The Raven of the Inner Palace novel series will receive an anime adaptation that may premiere on October 1, 2022. Part of its first episode will undoubtedly be streamed on September 24 at the Aniplex Online Fest 2022.

A fresh trailer can be out, which portrays the initial meeting between Jusetsu and the emperor, Koushun.


The initial PV of it anime Koumiya no Karasu / Scheduled to be broadcast from October 2022!

In the trailer, Koushun shows a bit of jade earring to Jusetsu to greatly help him discover the owner. The consort bluntly refuses the work despite living under his care.

Koushun asks her name and tries to reason with her, but Jusetsu isnt easily moved. The video then continues on to introduce two other characters.

Both newly revealed characters and their cast members have already been right here:

Character Cast Other Works
Onkei Nobunaga Shimazaki Baki Hanma (Baki)
Tankai Nobuhiko Okamoto Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom)

It’s also advisable to browse the latest visual where Jusetsu, Koushen, and his court members can be found:

Studio BN Pictures is overseeing the animation, and the next staffmembers will work on the project:

Position Staff Other Works
Director Chizuru Miyawaki Gintama
Series Composition Satomi Ooshima Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko
Character Designer Shinji Takeuchi Fairy Tail
Music Composer Asami Tachibana Haikyu!!

Jusetsu will eventually accept the kings request. (How else can you expect the plot to advance otherwise?) As she investigates the earring, she’ll uncover a conspiracy contrary to the king. The upcoming anime may also unveil the identity and legacy of the Raven Consort.

About Raven of the Inner Palace

Raven of the Inner Palace is really a novel series by Koko Shirakawa, also it premiered in 2018. The novels final volume was shipped in 2021. It will receive an anime.

The story targets Josetsu, a royal consort who hasn’t been summoned to the kings bed-chamber. Nobody knows what she appears like, and she’s mystic powers.

1 day, the king seeks her out to get the owner of a cursed earring. Their meeting changes the history of these kingdom.

Source: Official Website

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