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Walking is really a simple solution to improve health insurance and lengthen life. But it isn’t just the number of steps you take that helps, it is also how quickly you take them.

  • The picture as a whole: In a set of new studies, published in JAMA Internal Medicine and JAMA Neurology, researchers compared brisk walkers’ threat of disease and premature death with that of slow or average walkers and discovered that walking fast made an improvement.

Why it matters: This new research draws an obvious line between intense walks and leisurely strolls.

  • Researchers compared the 30 most intense minutes of activity in study participants’ days and discovered that, even when the entire step counts were similar, those whose peak speeds were brisk about 90 steps each and every minute had lower health threats than those whose paces were average.
  • Fast walkers had a 30% lower threat of developing dementia, a 25% lower threat of developing a cancer or cardiovascular disease and a 35% overall lower threat of premature death.

Worth noting: The brisk walking does not have to stay one 30-minute chunk, study author Matthew Ahmadi, a study fellow at the University of Sydney, told the brand new York Times.

  • It could be in smaller bursts during your day. Picking right up the pace every once in awhile makes the difference.

If you want to choose walks, try going at a faster clip for just one or two minute intervals. As well as increase your pacing round the office.

Underneath line: Walking is something many of us incorporate into our days to call home longer, healthier lives.

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