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Grace Gaustad Inspires Metaverse Makeup Brand: BAKEUP

BAKEUP by Jo Baker is really a new digital beauty brand highlighting makeups potential expressing ones individuality. The brand is because the artistic visions of two artists, one from the planet of beauty, Jo Baker, and something from music, Grace Gaustad. Together, they’re creating digital makeup looks which can be worn, collected, traded and sold in the metaverse.

grace gaustad bakeup
Grace Gaustad inspired a digital-first beauty brand that transcends this is of makeup.

Credit: Leigh Keily


BAKEUP is really a digital-first brand that pushes the boundaries of self-expression and beauty. Its vision would be to bring new perspective to beauty, made to exist in multiple realities. Its first limited-edition product, the Disco Veil eye embellishments, is defined to be released being an NFT, an AR wearable filter on Snapchat and Instagram, in addition to a physical product.

BAKEUP in addition has joined forces with DAZ 3D, the creators of the Non-Fungible People (NFP) NFT collection. Together, they’ll be creating digital makeup looks that redefine this is of makeup. DAZ 3D has recently made a name for itself after creating NFTs for major brands like Coca-Cola and Warner Brothers. Therefore, this collaboration will surely continue steadily to push forward the BAKEUP brand, that is launching on the heels of Grace Gaustads second album PILLBX.

Concerning the Grace Gaustad & Jo Baker collaboration

A lot more than only a musical artist, Grace uses makeup as a kind of self-expression. After giving makeup artist Jo Baker a lookbook with her very own music-inspired makeup ideas, Grace caused Jo to create her vision alive. Due to this creative collaboration, both embarked on a storytelling journey, powered by makeup and music. Jo Baker and Grace Gaustad will undoubtedly be launching the fruits of these collaboration this Fall.

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