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Greekgodx banned

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isnt that wat miz said verbatim

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Damn that has been a sad couple first tweets of his I simply saw

Edit: Could it be just me or does Greek appear to be Kirby ate Andrew Tate?

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Man got ratio’d by way of a random on twitter. Fell off the flat earth that he’s surviving in.

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Ostonox with that reply LUL

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I hadn’t seen his twitter, dude went actually fully insane lmao.

Just like the clips were bad enough but his twitter is fucking wild.

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Ah, the slow descent to becoming irrelevant like Gross Gore.

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Dude had the brilliant idea to abandon his gross gore YouTube channel and begin a fresh one called Woken Wolf which only fans or hate watchers knew about. Peaked at around 20k subscribers and vanished.

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Remember the week him and his sisters took this place over?

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