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‘GRRL BYE’: Ayanna Pressley pushing SERIOUSLY debunked lie about border agents ‘whipping’ illegal immigrants goes SERIOUSLY wrong

Ayanna Pressley has to understand this whole story was debunked, right?

Suppose if she really wants to deflect from what DeSantis and Abbott are doing to open Americans eyes with regards to the southern border she needs something similar to this but wow.

Its as though shes the only person who doesnt realize that is FAKE NEWS.

This happened twelve months ago today.#1YearAfterDelRio, we won’t stop fighting for *realaccountability & an immigration system that affirms asylum because the fundamental human right that it’s.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (@RepPressley) September 19, 2022


Poor Ayanna, it should be hard to function as forgotten person in the Squad.

Nothing. Nothing happened.

HOW COME Everything Stupid? (@KyleSouther1) September 20, 2022

We obtain it, Democrats come in serious trouble once they reacted the direction they did to DeSantis sending 48 illegal immigrants to a designated sanctuary city like Marthas Vineyard. Their real elitism arrived in an enormous way so needless to say, theyre in need of some damage control and deflection such as this USUALLY works.


The Lies continue via this antisemite. poor Pressley. The forgotten person in the squad.

(((NTP: Civil-Discourse))) (@SglNewYork) September 20, 2022


Yeahno. I’ll take ‘things that didn’t happen for $500 Alex’

Nina Bookout (@NDBook96) September 20, 2022

Psh, this REALLY didnt happen, choose the entire Daily Double.

It had been shown to be a lie. Nice job repeating it.

JSParker (@jsparker31) September 20, 2022

Uhwhat do you consider is going on in this picture?

Unfollowing Everyone Acosta (@JayPark71553294) September 20, 2022

Perhaps you have found individuals who assaulted Jussie Smollett, too?

THE PLANET CAN LOOK Up And Shout ‘Save Us’ (@AndIllWhisperNo) September 20, 2022


Oh man.

Live shot from Marthas Vineyard

Unfollowing Everyone Acosta (@JayPark71553294) September 20, 2022

Dammit, we hate it when tweets are funnier than we have been.

*shakes fist*

Twitter really requires a damned lie selection when reporting tweets like yours, Lex.

Gilmore Tuttle (@BulldogsTuttle) September 20, 2022

Not really a lie but A DAMNED LIE.

Per year later and you also still haven’t any shame.

JUST ONE SINGLE Strawman (@JustOneStrawman) September 20, 2022

Shed need to have shame to begin with to possess no shame.


Sorry, we were told there will be no math.

I simply reported this tweet as misinformation

Greg Casey (@GregCaseyMA) September 20, 2022

Only if Twitter actually cared about marking things such as this as misinformation. Theyre just FINE with people on the Left lying their backsides off so long as it can help Democrats push their narrative.

Ruf. Omn. Rex (@Ruf_Omn_Rex) September 20, 2022

Peggy (@DesiFlurane) September 20, 2022

You understand, we keep scrolling through the responses and we cant appear to find anyone who A) buys this or B) is reacting just how Ayanna wanted them to.

Maybe theres expect this country yet?


Just what a JOKE! Marthas Vineyard resident takes vicious SWIPE at Kamala Harris while THANKING DeSantis for opening their eyes (watch)

Well, well, WELL: New FBI whistleblower appears to VINDICATE those crazy, conservative, conspiracy theorists on the market (screenshots)

OMG! She. Went. THERE! Royal commentator TEARS Don Lemon a fresh one after he claims royal family should pay reparations (watch)

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