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Hamilton: Battling through F1 field “one thousand times” more fun than easy win

After beginning with the back because of an engine penalty, Hamilton had a frustrating first lap in Monza and was still 19th by the end of it.

However, he worked his way up the order and was hoping to challenge Carlos Sainz for fourth once the late safety car neutralised the race.

Hamilton managed to get clear following the flag he had enjoyed his afternoon.

“It is a thousand times more fun, dealing with people,” he said. “When I started my first go-kart was as an old kart, it had been all bent and buckled, and we always had to start out at the trunk, with old tyres. And that is what I’ve always enjoyed doing.

“Therefore starting today, just having those battles is a lot more fun than starting first and pulling away. It is a different challenge. But I much choose the dealing with people.

“Once you once you win it’s something very different, and you also feel proud for everyone. I love the thought of continue. So today I felt like I climbed up a ladder. Progress is an excellent thing.”

Hamilton found some harm to a front wheel “eyebrow” on the initial lap.

“I didn’t touch with anybody, I don’t believe,” he said. “But I saw some bits flying off other’s cars hit mine. And I believe that damage leading flap on the tyre. Those ideas I don’t even understand what they’re for. Nonetheless it was flapping, that has been damaged. They block the way of one’s view, that’s all!”

Nicholas Latifi, Williams FW44, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13, Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri AT03

Nicholas Latifi, Williams FW44, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13, Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri AT03

Photo by: Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images

Hamilton admitted for some frustration that the safety car meant he couldn’t challenge Sainz by the end, although he conceded that the Ferrari driver could have a tyre advantage.

“The soft was needs to fall off a bit, and I believe they stopped so that they had new tyres, therefore i probably wouldn’t have already been able to see through him. But nonetheless, I must say i enjoyed the struggle with everyone, slowly working away with this particular car. It had been definitely challenging right from the start.

“Naturally in the same way a racer, you merely want additional time, I wanted in order to challenge the Ferrari before me and see easily could easily get another position.

“But I believe in hindsight it had been probably an excellent ending. I’m just really grateful to possess keep coming back from the final row.”

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Hamilton had no regrets about not creating a tyre change once the safety car first emerged: “My tyres didn’t feel bad. I felt like I possibly could keep temperature inside them. And I didn’t desire to quit.

“They said there’s two different people in my own pit window. So easily pitted, I’d turn out behind two different people. And I didn’t desire to risk it. THEREFORE I just stayed out. This time around it went my way. It’s like gambling on roulette, like black or red.”

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