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Hands-on with the Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro


Plus glimpses of the updated Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8.

The 2022 Apple Watch lineup. From left to right: Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE.

Enlarge / The 2022 Apple Watch lineup. From left to right: Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE.

Samuel Axon

CUPERTINO, Calif.Apple’s Watch lineup doesn’t often visit a big shake-up or significant new features, but that wasn’t the case at Apple’s September product launch event today. Along with modest updates to the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE, the business introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, a rugged, more full-featured intensify from the Series 8.

We’d a chance to hold and photograph all three Watch models briefly at the Steve Jobs Theater. While there wasn’t a chance to try the major new features, even an eyes-on experience with the Ultra reveals it is a new sort of Apple Watch.

It isn’t the initial rugged smartwatch in the marketplace, needless to say, and based on your needs, it could not even function as best. But it is the first foray into that world from the company which has otherwise dominated the smartwatch market for a long time.

  • This is actually the front of the Apple Watch Ultra.

    Samuel Axon

  • Here’s the medial side with the crown…

    Samuel Axon

  • …and here’s the medial side with the brand new action button and a prominent speaker.

    Samuel Axon

  • Finally, have a glimpse at the within part that touches your wrist.

    Samuel Axon

  • Next up: an instant consider the Series 8.

    Samuel Axon

  • Finally, the SE.

    Samuel Axon

The Ultra is noticeably bulkier than its siblingswe’d even go far concerning say it includes a totally new aesthetic. The screen rises loudly from the titanium case instead of folding smoothly in to the sides like in other models. And the large, new action button is hard to miss.

The SE looks slightly unique of its predecessor, but it’s subtle. The Series 8, however, is indistinguishable from the Series 7 instantly.

AirPods Pro

We also enjoyed an instant demo of the brand new AirPods Pro. Apple promised improved noise canceling, and we happened to really have the previous generation around for comparison. The show floor was loud, and even though we can not exactly claim it felt enjoy it wastwice nearly as good, as Apple claimed through the event, it had been a noticeable difference.

However, we didn’t test among the other big new features: the opportunity to scan your mind and ear with the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to boost spatial audio. That may have to await a later review.

Regardless, here is a look at some of the minor aesthetic differences on the headphones and their case.

  • Now you can swipe up or down privately of the earbuds to regulate volume.

    Samuel Axon

  • You can find prominent speakers on underneath of the case for easier location with the Find My app.

    Samuel Axon

  • There is a connector for a carrying strap, too.

    Samuel Axon

  • Here’s the strap designed for that connector.

    Samuel Axon

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