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HAVE YOU ANY IDEA What Perjury Is?: Alex Jones Lawyers Apparently Forwarded His Damning Texts To Opposing Counsel


Attorneys representing the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims accused InfoWars host Alex Jones of perjury at his defamation damages trial Wednesday, saying Jones legal team accidentally sent records proving Jones wrote numerous emails and texts referencing the massacre, despite the fact that Jones testified he cannot find some of that information.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones attempts to answer questions about his emails posed by Mark Bankston, … [+] lawyer for Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, throughout a trial at the Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday.

Briana Sanchez/Austin American-Statesman via AP, Pool/GANNETT


Plaintiffs attorney Mark Bankston said Jones lawyers mistakenly turned over years of records from his cellphone during discovery in the Texas damages trial.

Jones had previously testified under oath he had sought out Sandy Hook on his phone, however the search had yielded no results.

Jones also testified he cannot have written emails that referenced Sandy Hook because he will not use email, but Bankston showed Jones did, actually, write emails that mentioned Sandy Hook.

The InfoWars host insisted he didn’t lie, telling Bankston at one point, That is ridiculous.

Crucial Quote

Are you aware what perjury is? Bankston asked.

Key Background

Jones testified Wednesday he believes the 2012 massacre that left 20 children and 6 school staffers dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut was 100% real, despite repeatedly peddling conspiracy theories concerning the shooting having been staged on his radio program. Judge Maya Guerra Gamble of Austin, Texas, found Jones responsible for defamation this past year in one of the lawsuits brought by the parents of Sandy Hook victims, and the existing trial is defined to look for the damages Jones owes to the parents, who would like $150 million.

Big Number

$800,000 each day. That’s how much cash InfoWars was making sometimes in 2018, in accordance with records on Jones phone revealed by plaintiffs attorneys. The number represents among the first purported InfoWars financial records made public.

Surprising Fact

Bankston also accused Jones of taking an unscrupulous method of the trial, playing a video of an InfoWars broadcast where Jones says those in the jury pool dont know very well what planet theyre on.


THE HOME January 6 committee is forming a request to obtain ahold of Jones texts, in accordance with Rolling Stone, citing sources with understanding of the committees actions.

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