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Hayley and the Crushers Modern Adult Kicks out Sept 13

AUGUST 23, 2022 (Detroit, MI) One part pop, one part poison, all poolside glitter punk, California-to-Motor City transplantsHayley and the Crusherssupply a tsunami of bold, bad girl power. Anointed as the naked embodiment of power pop punk by New Wave iconJosie Cotton(who signed the band to herKitten Robot Recordsin 2021),Modern Adult Kicksmay be the Crushers most ambitious and self-possessed album up to now.

Helmed by husband-and-wife team guitaristHayley Crusher Cainand bass playerDr. Cain ESQ(withAction Ben Cabreanaon drums),Modern Adult Kicks(release date:September 13, 2022viaKitten Robot Records) was made by legendary LA punk producerPaul Roessler(TSOL, Josie Cotton, Richie Ramone) and mastered byMass Giorgini(Anti-Flag, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio) atSonic Iguana Studios.

Taboo, the most recent album single (out everywhere today), is really a pulsing Pat Benitar-styled pop-rock anthem that leaves the listener feeling equally haunted and hunted. Said Hayley, It is possible to tell we’d fun onKicks, however the fun is more wicked.

The accompanying Taboo music video was filmed in Detroit, a long way off from the bands beachy San Luis Obispo, California stomping grounds. It’s not only an insanely cool music town, but Detroit can be filled with community spirit and can-do creativity, Hayley said of her gritty new residence. We filmed at well known vintage store in Mexicantown (Flamingo Vintage), a thrift-punk fever dream. Additional scenes showcase the bands unfinished attic, perched atop a 1920s fixer-upper.

Modern Adult KicksAlbum Artwork (hi res)


  1. Taboo
  2. Cul-de-Sac
  3. She Drives
  4. Broken Window
  5. I Fall
  6. Click and Act Now!
  7. Lost Cause
  8. California Sober
  9. Surf of Flag(vinyl exclusive) *
  10. No Substitute (The Shivverscover)
  11. Overexposed

Based on the band,Modern Adult Kicksrepresents among the only constants in the last couple of years.

We experienced the Covid-19 pandemic with the album, we signed to Kitten Robot Recordsin the center of it, and we started working both remotely and in-person with [producer] Paul Roessler of the Screamers, the closest thing to LA punk royalty we’re able to imagine, Hayley said. The album was something real to carry onto throughout a time of turbulence.

Naturally, growth begets growing pains. After selling their comic book shop in order to match a rigorous tour schedule, venues turn off completely. Says Hayley: The band felt more somber through the creation period: more developed. Individuals were grappling with a fresh pandemic reality. Our drummer was severely injured following a skateboard crash. Dr. Cain lost his capability to work because of the lockdown. I confronted big personal questions. These songs are about heartbreak, isolation, addiction. But, needless to say, theres sunshine, too. Josie Cotton believed in us and brought us into her crew. The album shines with this particular magic touch.

Photo credit: Thomas Ignatius

Kicksrollercoasters through the Crusherverses quirky underworld with a diarys worth of intrigue and a splash of high impact gloss. Collecting hooks from track one, Hayley conjures up the electricity of first-car freedom, the woes of suburban isolation and the lurid pleasures of Y2K boards all wrapped in the warm glow of a late-night infomercial. As the content here’s without doubt adult, theres no shortage of kicks to be enjoyed, either. Said Hayley: Growing up doesnt need to mean you stop dancing.

Hayley and the CrushersModern Adult Kickswill undoubtedly be released onSeptember 13viaKitten Robot Records.

TOUR DATES(posterhi-res)

9/23 Fort Wayne, IN The Brass Rail

9/24 Indianapolis, IN Melody Inn Punk Rock Night Indianapolis

9/25 Chicago, IL Reggies

9/27 Toledo, OH The Ottawa Tavern

9/28 Cleveland, OH Hatfields Goode Grub

9/30 Youngstown, OH Westside Bowl

10/1 Columbus, OH Spacebar

10/4 Nashville, TN The Basement

10/7 Detroit, MI Smalls

10/8 Grand Rapids, MI Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grillxe

11/18 NORTH PARK, CA Til 2 Club

11/19 San Pedro, CA The Sardine / Recess Ops

11/26 LA, CA The Redwood Bar

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