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Hayley Kiyoko Shares the Stories Behind Her Five MOST REMARKABLE Songs

Hayley Kiyokos latest album is a very long time coming, and the singer is finally prepared to share the journey shes been on since 2018s Expectations. Actually, Kiyoko says she named her upcoming album Panorama as a nod to celebrating the highs and lows in life and understanding how to love yourself on the way.

When youre climbing a mountain, it is possible to become so goal oriented and centered on marketing campaign results, she tells Glamour. Its so important throughout that journey to take the time and revel in the view at every point. Thats what inspired this album: sharing my journey.

Its fair to state that Kiyokowhos an actor in addition to a musicianhas been on a roll, professionally, since she started acting and making music. After her 2015 song Girls Like Girls became a viral hit, fans have dubbed her Lesbian Jesus and also have continued to possess sacred experiences with Kiyokos subsequent EPs, Citrine and Im Too Sensitive because of this Shit, along with her debut studio album, Expectations.

Expectations was for queer people, she says. Most of the time, were always needing to turn out multiple times and were also needing to meet up with our present self. Expectations was me sharing stories and experiences from my past and addressing share my authentic truth with the planet.

Panorama can be an possibility to share another side of Kiyoko. Whats exciting about Panorama is that it embodies my present self, she says. Its a far more refined, bolder version and method of sharing who I’m. When you pay attention to the album, theres lots of claritysonically, lyrically, melodicallythreaded throughout because Ive gotten plenty of clarity on myself. Obviously, days gone by couple years have already been really hard for a number of people, but there were some gifts to be in a position to sit with ourselves and find out about who we have been and fine tuning that. You understand, eliminating the white noise and putting your time and intentions in to the things you intend to put your time into. I believe that results in when you pay attention to Panorama.

Its been a period of big personal changes for the musician. Earlier this season Kiyoko went public with her relationship with Bachelor alum Becca Tilley when she dropped the music video on her behalf single For girls. The video, a cheeky Bachelor parody, featured Kiyoko as a Bachelorette and Tilley as you of her romantic prospects. I launched her acting career, truly, Kiyoko jokes.

Music video shoots can be extremely stressful and chaotic, and we shot that entire music video in a single day, she says. I basically had Becca set for approximately 10 minutes. I was like, Hey, babe, and put her in the shot, and she had like two takes to obtain it right. And I was like, Okay, see you in the home. She did an incredible job. I was so pleased with the contestants. We’d 15 queer contestants also it was this incredible experience. I am hoping people have the joy and the humor if they watch the music video.

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