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HBO Max and Discovery Plus will merge into one streaming service in 2023

The subscription mashup has already been causing havoc.

By | Published Aug 5, 2022 2: 30 PM

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HBO Max is wrought with performance and customer issues. Pexels

The ongoing Streaming Wars are gearing around enter a fresh campaign phase, and things are going to look a whole lot different for audiences. During an earnings call with investors yesterday, Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav revealed plans to merge HBO Max and Discovery Plus into a completely new platform in summer 2023and its own already clear you can find likely to be casualties.

HBO Max includes a competitive feature set, nonetheless it has already established performance and customer issues, Zaslav described through the call while later adding that hes confident their new product will undoubtedly be superb. Performance and customer issues is an extremely nice method of describing HBO Maxs recurring problems, like the platform regularly crashing during times of high viewership.

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Rumblings of looming troubles ahead for HBO Max could possibly be heard some time now, especially earlier this week with the sudden announcement that the studio would shelve its high-profile Batgirl film. Fans were shocked to understand concerning the decision, given the $90 million movie had been purported to be deep in the post-production stages. Then there is the quiet removal of six original HBO Max films from its available streaming catalog, and also the rumors of impending layoffs and series cancellations.

Overall, not the very best week for HBO, but its looking a bit more optimistic for Discovery Plus. Zaslav mentioned during Thursdays earnings call he believes the service includes a far superior tech stack, and he intends for Discovery Plus content and format to create the building blocks of whats ahead. Its unclear the amount of damage which could cause HBOs current catalog of shows and films, not forgetting any plans for future releases.

The forms of shows and programs made by Discover Plus are generally much cheaper than any HBO counterparts, and by the end of your day. Regardless, hopefully a fresh platform wont also mean a fresh subscription price hike.

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