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He LITERALLY said it! Karine Jean-Pierre short circuits attempting to spin Biden’s comments about COVID being OVER and LOL (watch)

Karine Jean-Pierre is simply not cut out because of this gig. Weren’t even being mean, just honest. It requires a far smarter liar, like Little Red Lying Hood, to spin this degree of BS.

And HOOBOY, this is some serious BS.

Watching KJP try to pretend Biden didnt tell the planet during his 60 Minutes interview that the pandemic has ended is another thing.

Have a gander:

KJP: “The president said, and he was clear in his 60 Minutes interview, that COVID remains an issue and we’re fighting it.”

Biden in his 60 Minutes interview: “The pandemic has ended.” (@townhallcom) September 20, 2022

Except he wasnt clear and he didnt say in the interview that COVID remains an issue.


Lets get back to the footage, shall we?

BIDEN, two days ago:

RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 20, 2022

Gosh, seems pretty clear to us.

The pandemic has ended.

LOUDER for individuals in the trunk!

Whenever they roll him out, it’s another clean-up on isle 46 Now they’re scrambling between Joe’s ‘pandemic is over’ and we still need mail-in ballots for November

Milenka~ (@MilenaAmit) September 20, 2022

We almost have a pity party on her behalf.


Um, no KJP, he said it had been over. That’s what he made clear. You dont reach twist it and walk it back because it would eliminate all of the immense power youve given yourselves because of a crisis.

Its over.

Chrissy (@Chrissys067) September 20, 2022

Well, she didn’t obtain the job to be truthful.

Not the issue (@Thatkyleguy57) September 20, 2022

Fair point, sadly.

Now they’re just gaslighting people.

ALTPEPE (@PeterStrok) September 20, 2022

Theyre sure trying.

Each time she says clear shes clearing up a thing that wasnt the party line

RW (@rwlawoffice) September 20, 2022

Confident he said it had been over

John Foxall (@Foxall88) September 20, 2022

Yup, he sure did.

No level of spin changes that.


*SNORTTim Allen makes a tale about Bidens 60 Minutes appearance and the Left cant DEEEEAL and that means you KNOW its good

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