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Here’s someone defending Rep. Jamie Raskin’s allegation that the 2000 election was stolen

As Twitchy reported earlier, Rep. Jamie Raskin, who sits on the January 6 select committee, was on Face the country Sunday, where he explained that fascist political parties won’t accept the outcomes of elections. RNC Research were able to find out video from 2003 showing that Raskin still believed that the 2000 election have been stolen from Al Gore.

We thought a few of Raskins defenders would arrived at his rescue, and even they did, saying the election was literally stolen. Just how many Democrats still think that, do you consider?

That race was literally stolen. SCOTUS prevented Florida from performing a full recount of its vote. That wouldve settled the election, however they made a decision to intervene. That election will forever have an asterisk close to it.

Matthew (@ohgoditsmatthew) September 5, 2022

What’s wrong with you traitors that are always questioning legitimate elections?

Sir Aaron (@SirAaron_) September 5, 2022

Sounds kinda insurrectiony.

Confused Mathematician (@ConfusedMathem1) September 5, 2022

How come requesting an audit of the 2020 ballots a threat to democracy?

J. Swoleden Kimball (@Hotchkiz) September 5, 2022

I lived in Florida in 2000. Every county did a recount, as required by state law. Gore wished to re-recount in heavily Democrat counties attempting to manufacture enough votes to obtain him outrageous, and the Dem majority SCOFLA was changing the election rules following the fact to greatly help.

Will Collier (@willcollier) September 5, 2022

That has been what SCOTUS (correctly) shot down. Gore was attempting to change the guidelines following the fact but only in very specific places he hoped would manufacture enough post-facto “votes” to obtain him outrageous.

He lost. Overcome it.

Will Collier (@willcollier) September 5, 2022

Gore didn’t want a complete recount.

max (@MaxNordau) September 5, 2022

There is a complete recount. Atlanta divorce attorneys county. Gore wished to return back and keep re-re-recounting in Dem counties following the mandatory recount was over and he lost. Again.

Will Collier (@willcollier) September 5, 2022

Recounts performed by the media discovered that Bush won.

William Green (@WillioHydro) September 5, 2022

To the extent it had been “stolen”, browse the SCOTUS decision. In its essence, it implies that Gore employed a cynical, highly partisan legal strategy and burned off a significant amount of time, as the clock was ticking on the electoral certification calendar.

Robert Archer, Kt.L (@arrowoog) September 5, 2022

There’s never been any subsequent media recount that showed Gore winning. You’ve had this myth shoved up or down one or other hole for 20 years

Dan, Purveyor of Balderdash and Chicanery (@Libertybibbledy) September 5, 2022

Reality check: significantly less than a few months into Bush’s term, there is a complete (unofficial) Florida recount utilizing the “generous standards” Gore had wanted for the state count. It proved Bush legitimately won hawaii, whatever SCOTUS would’ve done.

Calvin Freiburger (@CalFreiburger) September 5, 2022

There were a large number of recounts of the 2000 election, before and after certification. Gore arrived ahead in do not require.

He only were able to gain votes as increasingly more election laws were ignored and tossed aside.

Brad Slager: Semi-Fascist Practicing to show Pro (@MartiniShark) September 5, 2022

That is false. Gore specifically didn’t want a complete recount. Multiple recounts had recently been done aswell.

Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) September 5, 2022

The Venn diagram of individuals who think the 2000 election was stolen and folks who know the facts of the way the 2000 election was resolved is really a picture of two circles one thousand miles aside from one another.

InTheRightColumn (@TheRightColumn) September 5, 2022

Youre a threat to democracy for rejecting the 2000 election.

Joe Biden said so.

Bob Weave (@lowkeyrbe) September 5, 2022

But remember, in the event that you question elections, you’re an insurrectionist.

This type of double standard.

RonJohnsonStan (@RonJohnsonStan) September 5, 2022

Those will be the new rules: You accept the outcomes of the election, period. Hillary Clinton, who cried in a tweet that Donald Trump had suggested he could not accept the outcomes of the election, has repeatedly said the election was stolen. Stacey Abrams lost, Clinton lost, Gore lost. Democrats lose. Theyre likely to lose in November get accustomed to it.


WATCH: Heres Democratic January 6 committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin unapologetically sowing the seeds of insurrection

Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 5, 2022

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