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Heres What Surprised Brooks & Dunn THROUGHOUT THEIR Go back to Touring

Ronnie Dunn Talks Brooks & Dunn Touring Again After 10 Years

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Ronnie Dunn wasn’t sure what things to expect when Brooks & Dunn made a decision to hit the street again.

After avoiding a tour bus, hectic travel schedule and massive arenas for a lot more than 10 years, the united states music duoalso comprised of Kix Brooksdidn’t know if fans will be dusting off their cowboy boots to see them again.

“We jumped right in and, affirmed, the crowds have there been in spades,” Ronnie exclusively distributed to E! News. “It has been going much better than it ever has much to your surprise.”

Based on the 69-year-old, there is a “renewed excitement” after taking nearly ten years off. Now, everything is fresh and fun again.”

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“It is a different dynamic with this head game too,” he explained. “We’re not on the market thinking each show is gonna make or break us. Our bills are paid now. We have been absolve to play music now however you want to.”

Ronnie is alsorelishing in sharing songs with both new and old fans. On July 29, the Grammy winner released a solo album titled 100 Proof Neon. As listenersare transported back in its history to take pleasure from the sounds of 90s country, in addition they hear new collaborations with rising country artists like Parker McCollum and The Voicealum Jake Worthington.

“To see someone that young and that talented honoring hardcore country is actually fun,” Ronnie saidof Jake. “He’s great and funny. Parker’s exactly the same way. When he opens his mouth to sing, you merely hear Texas everywhere.”

As Brooks & Dunn prepare to summary the season making use of their final summer shows, E! News gets a special look at their Cheyenne Frontier Days performance in Wyoming. Keep scrolling for more backstage access.

Braden Carney

Back at the Rodeo

Before overall their Reboot 2022 tour, Brooks & Dunn performed their biggest hits at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming on July 30.

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What brings country music fans back again to Brooks & Dunn shows? Ronnie Dunn includes a theory. “We make an effort to placed on a show,” he said. “We inform them frequently whenever we walk on stage, What you are going to see up here’s likely to be influenced by you just as much as anything.’ That lights the fuse and away you go.”

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When seeing Brooks & Dunn live, you won’t ever know who will make a guest appearance. “Doing stuff with Luke Combs is fun at this time because he’s this type of strong singer,” Ronnie stated before praising Miranda Lambert‘s recent collaboration at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena June 18. “The Miranda thing was just spontaneous. She had no idea she would get called out up but I knew she could handle it.”

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Timeless Hits

Regardless of just how many years pass, Ronnie believeshis songsstand the test of time.”You can find three rhythm patterns which are virtually etched in stone in country music including steppers, shuffles and waltzes,” he said. “When you can keep carefully the songs within those parameters, peoplewill escape and dance.”

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Nightly Highlight

In accordance with Ronnie, there’s one part in the show thathe treasures each night. “We do these schticks where I’ll just stop singing in the center of Red Dirt Road’ or Neon Moon’ and just allow crowd sing,” he said. “On stage, it is possible to hear the crowd on the band and that is pretty amazing.”

Braden Carney

Gratitude Over Any Attitude

For concertgoers attending a Brooks & Dunn show come early july, Ronnie had a particular message of appreciation. “In this economy, that folks spend that sort of money to obtain tickets and arrive and purchase merchandise, it is a huge deal,” he said.”Just turning up and having a great time and returning is fantastic.”

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