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Here’s When Every Bout of Industry Season 2 WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE On HBO Max

Its enough time of year where your finance job is in fact sort of cool and sexy and just a little dangerous rather than totally and utterly soul sucking for you personally as well as your Friday night date as their eyes glaze over from you feigning importance. Thats because Industry Season 2 is here such as a fortuitous call from your own favorite deep-pocketed client. So choose the dip, short the VIX, and obtain ready for more night time PowerPoint decks, more cocaine in the toilet following a 15-hour trading shift, and much more 1-year 1-year Euro-swap in 500k DV01, baby!

Viewers, though, will undoubtedly be noticing one major difference between this year and last season (which aired in the past in November 2020). In the past, HBO made the unusual decision release a the ultimate five episodes all at one time on HBO Maxlikely in order to inject content onto their then-new streaming platform and viewership to their then new show, a co-production with BBC Two then one just like a cross between Suits and Euphoria.

An adequate audience will need to have tuned in, as the series was then renewed for another season, that will air on Mondays at 9PM ET.

Unlike last season, however, it seems as though HBO is sticking with a weekly release schedule, meaning viewers will need to wait a complete 5 business days and also a weekendor 7 Pierpoint business daysbefore obtaining the next episode.

Heres the entire release schedule for Season 2 of HBOs Industry.

When may be the next bout of Industry developing?

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Industry will premiere on Monday, August 1 at 9PM ET on HBO and HBO Max.

The series will run for eight weeks, each episode releasing on Monday at 9PM ET.

Episode 1 August 1

Episode 2 August 8

Episode 3 August 15

Episode 4 August 22

Episode 5 August 29

Episode 6 September 5

Episode 7 September 12

Episode 8 September 19


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