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HERE’S Why Ethereum Price WILL DSICOVER A Downfall Soon

A well-known analyst at CryptoQuant reveals that, by the total amount of long positions held by ETHUSD on the Bitfinex crypto exchange, the existing Ethereum price will grow to be a bearish one.

Whenever this indicator flashes high, this implies a surge of the bullish sentiment on the list of investors. However, low volume indicates that investors on the exchange dont start to see the assets price surging anytime soon.

The chart below depicts last years ETHUSD long positions held on the bitfinex exchange.

Bitcoin has recaptured the important support areas and is selling beyond its market cost basis, after dropping significantly less than its investor cost basis for the very first time since March 2020.

Ethereum Price To Plunge?

Whenever Bitfinex has experienced a drop in the Ethereum long positions, the currencys value in addition has been affected negatively. Currently, the long positions have witnessed a drastic fall with nearly 300k being shut.

Until this moment, Ethereum appeared to be performing perfectly, with the upcoming merger impacting it in a confident way. However, if the pattern must repeat, Ethereum price might visit a pull back another 12 days.

During publication, the Ethereum price is trading at $1,695 following a downfall of just one 1.53% during the last 24hrs.

The chart below depicts Ethereums performance during the last 5 days.

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