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‘Hero’ Cat Credited With Saving Owner’s Life: ‘Knew Something Was Wrong’

A British woman has credited her cat with saving her from dying of a coronary attack, in accordance with multiple reports.

Sam Felstead, a receptionist at Queen’s INFIRMARY in Nottingham, England, told the BBC on Wednesday, that her cat Billy jumped on her behalf in the center of the night time while she slept and started meowing. When she awoke, she realized she couldn’t move the proper side of her body, so her mom rushed her to a healthcare facility, where she learned she had a coronary attack in her sleep.

“He [Billy] doesn’t normally sit with me but he knew something was wrong because he wouldn’t leave me alone,” Felstead said. “The doctors said it had been an excellent job I got eventually to [the] hospital with time.”


Receiving immediate health care is essential to surviving a coronary attack, the Cleveland Clinic said on its website.

Owner petting cat
A stock image of a cat being petted. A British woman has credited her cat, Billy, with saving her from dying of a coronary attack.Pawzi/istock

“Survival depends upon recognizing the outward symptoms and taking immediate action,” cardiologist John Mansour told the clinic. “Once you don’t call 911 immediately or reach a healthcare facility quickly, you risk death. Time is muscle. The longer you wait, the more damage is performed to your heart.”

However, a lot more than 25 percent of patients wait over six hours to visit the er after symptoms begin because of feelings of embarrassment, denial or mistaking their symptoms for another thing.

Common outward indications of a coronary attack include: sudden chest pains, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, amongst others. Patients who experience these symptoms may believe they’re suffering an anxiety attck or heartburn, said the Cleveland Clinic. The infirmary encouraged patients experiencing these symptoms to call 911.

‘Saved My Life’

Also talking with SWNS, Felstead, 42, said that, not only is it struggling to move section of her body, she woke up drenched in sweatanother common coronary attack symptom.

“I was wet through with sweat and had really bad back pain and my right side felt really heavy and strange. I couldn’t move it. I couldn’t operate either and [I] was very dizzy when I acquired up,” she said.

Felstead’s mom called 999England’s emergency numberbut was told it might be two hours before an ambulance arrived. So, she drove her daughter to a healthcare facility herself.

“They found among my arteries was blocked, which caused the center attack,” Felstead said. “They taken care of me extremely well, in order that was quite nice, I’ve plenty of medication to take forever and I must take it possible for six weeks.”

Felstead told SWNS that she’s “very grateful” to Billy for waking her up.

“I’m just glad he woke me up. Who knows easily could have got up without him, it could’ve been worse for me personally,” she said. “I really do think he saved my entire life therefore does everyone else around me.”

Newsweek has contacted Felstead via the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust for comment.

More ‘Hero’ Pets

Billy isn’t the initial pet to be credited with saving its owner’s life. IN-MAY, your dog saved its owner from the mountain lion attack.

In March, a 10-month-old dog helped its family survive a residence fire by alerting them to the chance.

And last December, a mother said her dog saved her baby’s life by waking the infant up when she suddenly stopped breathing.

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