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Hibs push for the backup premier league with Acronis

Hibernian FC/Acronis/Dunedin IT

Hibernian FC signs Acronis to obtain top division data protection and take full advantage of ticketing information and match footage since it tries to get more value from the info it holds

Antony Adshead


Published: 28 Jul 2022 10: 43

Edinburgh-based Scottish Premiership soccer team Hibernian FC has had a leap in to the 21st century by signing a partnership with Acronis that may provide hybridcloud backup, disaster recovery, secure file sync and data access.

The Acronis partnership will dsicover a variety of data protection solutions deployed where there is formerly next to nothing.

The move comes because the club embarks on a digitisation journey that aims to produce a leap in the worthiness it could gain from fan engagement along with make sure it is protected with proper backup, disaster recovery and ransomware protection.

Hibs has around 100 users then one like 15TB of data to safeguard, but previous degrees of protection were at an extremely low level and data had not been easily findable.

Financials were run in Sage and ticketing in Ticketmaster, while staff used desktops and laptops synced to Sharepoint. Meanwhile, game footage often dating back to decades was on DVDs, tapes and hard disks, and completely unsearchable.

We have been undergoing something of a digital transformation, said finance director Chris Gaunt. As things stood, to obtain historical information is a struggle.

You want to build relationships fans, for instance, and if you want to get game footage, we wish it in a central repository, not piecemeal, hoping to dig it up from the hard disk drive someone left in a large part.

Also, said Gaunt, the club really wants to build relationships fans better than it’s been in a position to before. You want to sell to fans who havent been for five years, so you want to begin to build databases that people know will undoubtedly be secure and meet up with the needs of GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation], he said.

You want to build relationships fans…and when you want to get game footage, we wish it in a central repository, not piecemeal, hoping to dig it up from the hard disk drive someone left in a large part
Chris Gaunt, Hibernian FC

Ditto with Ticketmaster information. Previously, Gaunts team has had the opportunity to create databases from the info gained from sales, but lacked confidence that it might be well protected.

We’re able to take action, said Gaunt, nonetheless it could have been on someones computer rather than necessarily secure.

Also, said Gaunt, Hibernian was seeking to insure itself against a ransomware attack, but was struggling to answer the insurers questions about its data and how it had been protected.

Therefore the club has partnered with Acronis, via local company Dunedin IT. It now has daily backups on every PC with data in a central repository.

Previously, data was in random places, said Gaunt. So if it got lost, that has been it done for and at a big cost to us.

Hibernians staff are actually also protected from phishing attacks by Acronis web filtering, and user machines are at the mercy of regular security health checks.

Gaunt said it had been extremely hard to quantify the huge benefits so far, however the value to be in a position to access data in a central repository and gain value from customer interaction, to utilize old game footage, and so forth, was immeasurable.

Also, there’s reassurance in the event of lost hardware.

Before, in case a laptop was left on a bus with player budgets onto it, for instance before it had been placed on Sharepoint, all that work will be lost, and also potentially offering confidential information, said Gaunt.

Now, with daily backups, we are able to reach information quickly and ensure we dont lose it. Its taking Hibs in to the 21st century with regards to how exactly we use and protect data.

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