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Hillary Clinton HAS GONE OUT of Fucks

Hillary Clinton appeared at RecodeWednesdayin conversation with founders Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, and to steal a headline from myself, she actually is out of fucks.

It had been fascinating to view. She didnt restrain. You can view the entire thing below or keep on for a few highlights.

Here are a few good bits, thanks to the recode live blog:

On emails!!!

The over riding issue that affected the election that I had any control over because I had no control on the Russians. Too bad about this was the usage of my emails. Just how that it had been used was very damaging. THE BRAND NEW York times covered it like Pearl harbor.

On Goldman Sachs speeches

I must say, Walt I never thought someone would get rid of my entire careerbecause I made a few speechesMen got covered the speeches they madeI got covered the speeches I madeI take responsibility for each decision I made, but thats not why I lost

On the vast right-wing conspiracy

What’s hard for folks to simply accept, although now following the election theres greater understanding, is that we now have forces inside our countrywho have already been fighting rear guard actions so long as Ive been aliveWe were on a genuine roll as a country despite assassinations, despite setbacks, expanding rights to individuals who never really had them in virtually any country was frankly thrilling. I really believe then when i believe given that were never finished with this work. Section of the challenge would be to keep up with the focus and energy to go forward nevertheless, you need to understand another side is never tired either.

On fake news

Fake newslies thats an excellent word tooThe other side was using content that has been just flat out false and delivering it in an exceedingly personalized way. Above the radar screen and below.

On the DNC

I inherit nothing from the Democratic party. It had been bankrupt. It had been on the verge of insolvency. I had to inject money in to the [DNC] for this to help keep going.

On the RNC

They raisedbest estimates are near $100 millionto build this data foundation. They beta tested it. They ran [hundreds of a large number of surveys]. Trump becomes the nominee and is [given] this tried and trueplatform.

On Russia collusion

I believe its fair to ask how did that truly influence the campaign and how did they know very well what messages to provide. Who told them? Who have been they coordinating with or colluding with?The Russians for me cannot have known how far better weaponize that information unless that they had been guided by Americans.

Within 1 hour of the Access Hollywood tapes being leaked, the Russians or say Wikileakssame thingdumped the John Podesta emails. These were ordinary emails. Items that were so common. Within 1 hour they dumped them and started to weaponize them. That they had their allies like Infowars say probably the most outlandish, absurd lies you can imagine. That they had to be equipped for that.

On Putin

Its important that Americansunderstand that Putin really wants to bring us down. He was a vintage KGB agent.

On Obama

Barack Obama saved the economy and he doesnt obtain the credit he deserves, I must say that [because people dont understand that.] Clinton re: democrats not buying creating content.

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