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Hillsong Church to improve Organizational Structure following Financial Abuse Lawsuit

Hillsong Church could be undergoing changes to its organizational structure following a suspended employee claimed that the megachurch misappropriated donations and gave large cash gifts to former Hillsong Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston among others.

In accordance with The Christian Post, Hillsong Churchs Interim Global Senior Pastor Phil Dooley said a gathering is scheduled because of this week where staffers will discuss the progress Hillsong Church is making to create significant change to your organizational structure.

While Id prefer to present you with more specific details, I, unfortunately, cannot, because as the claims could be publicized, it really is inappropriate to respond or comment publicly as the matter is prior to the court, he said.

However, I could assure you that my heart, and the desire of our leadership, would be to cope with this matter once we approach any issue with humility, love, and prayer.

Dooley said it had been a fresh day for the church.

When issues such as this arise, our first response should be to consider the Holy Spirit and become led by Him, Dooley said.

Dooleys comments come following a former employee, Natalie Moses, filed a good Work Act lawsuit in Australia contrary to the church.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission is reportedly investigating the church on allegations that the church violated Australian regulations on the operation of charities.

Moses said she was asked to get ready internal responses to the investigation and believed there have been questionable financial practices happening at the church.

She said she believed that leaders at the church made illegal international transfers by making payments through the churchs U.S. entities.

Another allegation is that church leaders made significant gifts to church directors, family, and friends.

In March, Houston resigned as global senior pastor after allegations surfaced about misconduct with two women.

Previously, the church was also accused of splurging tithe money on large and lavish expenses.


Former Hillsong Employee Claims Church Moved Huge amount of money through Overseas Accounts in order to avoid Regulators

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