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Hilton looks to new and emerging customers to re-up enthusiasm for travel

As consumers go back to normal travel patterns, Hilton really wants to re-energize peoples enthusiasm for travel by offering unique travel experiences.

A proven way the hotel chain is seeking to do that is via an Instagram contest that gave away a particular room. The contest was targeted at golfers and Hilton Honors members and looked to attract more members to its loyalty program.

This years RBC Canadian Open (a significant golf tournament) featured the first-ever Hilton on the Green pop-up accommodation a one-bedroom pop-up hotel that has been built on the course while watching green. The pop-up room includes a shower and bathroom, a custom-built deck and Hilton amenities from around the world, rendering it fully-functional with everything a guest may need.

Hilton targeted golfers through this promotion, as more women, folks of color and younger people try the sport, that is rapidly evolving.

Hilton is deeply focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, and is definitely interested in attractive to new, emerging customers, said Jennifer White, director of destination marketing at Hilton. Therefore golf is an excellent fit for Hilton, and a terrific way to showcase a number of our brands that interest different demographics.

The pop-up accommodation from Hilton can’t be booked it could only be won through the contest, which White said managed to get a lot more appealing and exclusive to those that entered the contest.

The Hilton on the Green sweepstakes ran from April 15 to May 23, awarding two winners and their guests with one-night stays at the hotel and tournament tickets for just two days. Sharing the sweepstakes on Twitter earned brand fans yet another entry. In accordance with White, 3,410 people enrolled in the contest.

In accordance with Pathmatics, Hilton spent just a little over $13 million up to now this season on marketing efforts. White noted that the business promoted this specific contest through Golf Canada and Hilton social channels including Instagram and Twitter. A lot of the budget was allocated to social media marketing, and we used other digital tactics like Hilton Honors emails and a banner on to attain Hilton Honors members, said White.

Hilton may also bring the Hilton on the Green campaign to the CP Womens Open in Ottawa soon, and another Hilton on the Green accommodation will undoubtedly be available next year within the hotel chains commitment to providing guests with a distinctive experience created by FUSE Create.

Because the pandemic began, travelers are wanting to get outdoors again, and Hilton isn’t the only real brand doing attractive to this sentiment. Companies like and Days Inn may also be wanting to reach consumers time for travel and tourism.

Golfers are usually higher earners and for that reason align to Hiltons target demographic of mid to senior aged professionals with high degrees of income. Furthermore, golf tourism is really a huge industry which Hilton will undoubtedly be seeking to capitalize on, said Michelle Urwin, senior director of strategic marketing at omnichannel marketing platform Skai.

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