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HIMARS-Maker Lockheed Martin ‘Confident’ Against Russian Hackers

The pro-Russian hacker group Killnet, who has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack which reportedly hacked American military company, Lockheed Martin, on August 1, said the defense giant will be subject to more cyberattacks in the future, according to The Moscow Times.

The outlet posted on Telegram that Killnet said it launched a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack on Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) that the U.S. has supplied to Ukraine, and “the best Akamai protection system in the world fell off.”

The Lockheed Martin website is currently active, and it’s unclear whether it ever sustained a cyberattack, as the company did not clearly answer a request to confirm whether they were hacked or not.

A Lockheed Martin spokesperson told Newsweek that the company is “aware of the reports and have policies and procedures in place to mitigate cyber threats to our business, adding that “we remain confident in the integrity of our robust, multi-layered information systems and data security.”

Lockheed Martin
Pro-Russia hacking group Killnet has warned of more cyberattacks against Lockheed Martin after claiming to have taken the company’s website down on August 1. This photograph taken on June 13, 2022, shows the Lockheed Martin logo on display at the Eurosatory international land and airland defence and security trade fair, in Villepinte, France.

Killnet has become notorious for this kind of attack on government institutions and private companies since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with its hackers managing to get the servers of any given site to shut down after flooding it with traffic.

The company said it obtained information about all Lockheed Martin employees during the cyberattack last week, which it now threatens to share.

“From now on, Lockheed Martin Defense Corporation will be subject to cyber-attacks,” declared the hacking group, as reported by The Moscow Times. “The production management system of industrial complexes will be paralyzed! All data of employees of this terrorist company will be published in public access.”

According to the initial report published by pro-Russian government outlet, the cyberattack was launched at 7 am on August 1 by Killnet and its founder Killmilk.

Lockheed Martin produces the HIMARS that the U.S. has sent Kyiv to fight against the occupation of Moscow’s troops, and which has been hailed as a game changer by Ukrainian leaders.

According to Ukraine’s forces, rockets fired by U.S.-supplied HIMARS have already struck over 30 Russian targets behind enemy lines in Ukraine, though Moscow has not reported on the losses.

The devastating impact of HIMARS on Russian troops in Ukraine has been made clear not only by the successes reported by the Ukrainian forces but also by the fact that Russia’s defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, has recently ordered part of its forces in the occupied territories of Ukraine to focus on destroying them, according to a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The same hacking group allegedly behind the Lockheed Martin cyberattack specifically mentioned the company’s role in producing the HIMARS used by Ukraine against the Russian occupier.

“The notorious HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, supplied to Ukraine by the aforementioned military-industrial corporation, allow the criminal authorities of the Kiev regime to kill civilians, destroy the infrastructure and social facilities of the still temporarily occupied Ukraine,” the hackers said in a statement on August 1.

The group also accused the American defense giant of “sponsoring terrorism.”

The U.S. is expected to send more HIMARS, plus related ammunition, to Kyiv as part of its latest assistance package.

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