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HiPark is Devoting Itself to Environment and Sustainability

HiPark recently became a small business person in 1% for the earth showing its commitment to the surroundings. Their Better Planet, Better Life project is looking to help protect wildlife by protecting their habitats.

In accordance with National Wildlife Federation, the principal threat to the survival of wildlife in the usa is habitat loss because of destruction, fragmentation, and degradation of habitat. HiPark, as a brandname started using its consciousness of the surroundings and wildlife, uses recycled wood as its raw material because of its products. All products were created in-house with details and informative factual statements about the animal and also its habitat.

Sustainability is not any longer about doing less harm. Its about doing more good. Jochen Zeitz, President, and CEO of Harley-Davidson.

To accomplish more good and commit more to the surroundings and wildlife, HiPark is actively contacting National Parks, Zoos, along with other non-profit associations and discover more potential opportunities to help with making this planet a bit better.


Syanne Jiang

Leo Digital(Hong Kong) Company Limited

+852 54417188

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About HiPark

HiPark is really a fast-growing wood/home dcor and gifting brand located in HongKong. It designs, produces, and distributes wooden animal ornaments to its customers. As a brandname under a well-known public digital marketing company, HiPark took its responsibility in giving back.

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