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Home with secret true to life Batman cave lists for $875K

Since Gotham City already has Batman and his Batcave, maybe the town of San Antonio, Texas might have one too.

It really gets the goods showing for this.

An unassuming four-bedroom, three-bedroom home in the Lone Star State has listed for $875,000.

But what is apparently your typical American house with a kitchen, a formal dining area, a family group room and a detached two-car garage has a definite feature which makes this place really stick out.

It has its individual natural bridge cavern.

Can you love Natural Bridge Caverns? The listing asks. If that’s the case, have a look at this one-of-a-kind park like property. This must-see property has a cavern of its.

The annals of how this cave had become part of house is a lot more interesting.

The cave was discovered in 2004, once the owners were clearing the land to create

the home, the homes owners told The Post in a statement.

The entryway to the Natural Bridge Caverns.
The entryway to the cave.
JB Goodwin Realtors
Over $87,000 was spent to improve the natural cavern, including excavating, lighting, and installing electricity.
The stairs to move up and down the cave.
JB Goodwin Realtors
The stairs to go up and down the cave.
A lot more than $87,000 was spent to boost the natural cavern, including excavating, lighting and installing electricity.
JB Goodwin Realtors
A look inside the cave.
A look in the cave.
JB Goodwin Realtors

The owners had noticed cool air from the small hole in the bottom. A wind pressure test showed a cave potentially how big is the home, the statement said.

By 2011, a pool excavation company created an entrance in to the cave and made the 15-foot tunnel walkable. Meanwhile, a 3-foot hole in the ground blowing air resulted in the discovery of a lesser, larger room. Altogether, you’ll descend 30 feet down.

Texas caves in your community range 100,000 to 2 million yrs . old. This cave, along with the two tourist attraction caves Natural Bridge Caverns and the Bracken Bat Cave just north were formed by way of a shift in the bottom causing a collapse and creating the opening.

The home spans 2,475 square-feet.
The house spans 2,475 square feet.
JB Goodwin Realtors
The foyer.
The foyer.
JB Goodwin Realtors
The family room.
The household room.
JB Goodwin Realtors
The kitchen.
Your kitchen with a breakfast area.
JB Goodwin Realtors
The formal dining room.
The formal dining area.
JB Goodwin Realtors

At once the cave was inhabited by bats, but a later shift closed their entrance, the statement added, saying due to the low traffic inside our cave, it really is ok to carefully touch the formations.

The house made its solution to the favorite account @zillowgonewild, accumulating an incredible number of views with many references to Batman.

Bruce Wayne liked this post, one user joked.

When Bruce Wayne must downsize, another said.

This is the coolest spot Ive ever observed in my entire life, another commented.

The primary suite.
The principal suite.
JB Goodwin Realtors
The primary ensuite bathroom.
The principal ensuite bathroom.
JB Goodwin Realtors
The property is situated on 2.5 acres of land.
The house can be found on 2.5 acres of land.
JB Goodwin Realtors
A gazebo.
A gazebo.
JB Goodwin Realtors
The barbecue area.
The barbecue area.
JB Goodwin Realtors

Situated on 2.56 acres of land, several oak, magnolia and mountain laurel trees surround the house filled with wrought iron fencing for optimal security and privacy.

It initially listed last month for $950,000. But carrying out a $75,000 lessen price, an offer was made on the home on August 4 in fact it is currently pending.

Lori Largen with JB Goodwin Realtors holds the listing.

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