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HomeGrid Forum welcomes Positron Access Solutions as a fresh member to operate a vehicle the extension of Gigabit Broadband to MDU Subscribers using Access Multiplexer

The Hague, September 7th 2022: HomeGrid Forum has added Positron Access Answers to its set of high-profile members. Positron Access Solutions focuses on carrier grade telecommunications products. As an associate of HomeGrid Forum they’ll share their insights and expertise in network delivery with Access equipment offering symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth for longer distances over Coax or Copper wiring.

As an expert in carrier grade telecommunication, Positron Access Solutions creates products that may increase bandwidth delivery and distance to subscribers within the core access network, in addition to those within residential, multi-tenant buildings and hospitality buildings through the use of existing wiring infrastructures.

With over 50 years of knowledge and experience across large networks and complexed infrastructures, including Gigabit Access Multiplexers (GAM) offering managed non-blocking symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth to subscribers in MDU/MTUs they’ll be a valued person in HomeGrid Forum.

HomeGrid Forums President Livia Rosu said We have been overjoyed in order to welcome Positron Access Solutions as a HomeGrid Forum member. They bring using them an abundance of knowledge on Access networks and several years of industry experience. Their learnings and lessons of dealing with over 200 carriers across THE UNITED STATES will undoubtedly be invaluable once we continue to visit a fast and rapid growth in network upgrade requirements for XGS-PON, and future-proof 10Gbps expectations.

Positron Access President and CTO Pierre Trudeau commented on the new membership, We have been delighted to function as newest members of HomeGrid Forum and help accelerate broadband access deployments with Access technology. As telecommunications networks expand it really is imperative that people all interact, sharing ideas and insights to make sure we have been providing the very best products possible. Positrons GAM equipment can extend fiber services to every door of an MDU with no need to set up fiber to every door. Global Telecom Awards praised our solution for less expensive, lower latency, and lower complexity. The expense of deploying Positron GAM is 25% of the expense of extending fiber so a carrier can easily grow its high-speed bandwidth subscribers and become cashflow positive in the initial year.

Established in 1970, and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Positron Access Solutions customers add a large numbers of AMERICANS tier 1 carriers and 200 other carriers and 150 power utilities. Operators depend on Positron GAM to be better to install, highly scalable and reliable. technology fits seamlessly in the GPON, XGS-PON or fixed wireless access operators network and customer management systems.

The Canadian MDU broadband provider Novus selected Positron GAM portfolio within its multi-technology strategy. Novus must accommodate an array of buildings and topologies. In the greenfield buildings they taken in dedicated fiber drops during construction while for older buildings Novus has had a no-new-wires approach be leveraging the prevailing coax wiring with Positron equipment to aid around 1.7 Gbps of dynamically allocated bandwidth for every subscriber.

Over the last 24 months of COVID-19 pandemic, Positron has been instrumental in assisting bridge the digital divide for numerous properties, dealing with nonprofit ISPs like Project Waves to supply free Online sites to low-income seniors and folks with disabilities hosted by Baltimores Hollins House in Maryland. By leveraging the Positron equipment, Project Waves delivered around 1 Gbps speeds on the existing coax network inside each MDU it serves.

The Positron GAM has 4,8, 12 and 24 port models for either coaxial cable or twisted pair with support for Single Input Single Output mode (SISO) (1 pair per port) and Multiple Input Multiple Output mode (MIMO) (2 pairs per port) with VectorBoost noise cancellation in multi-pair binders. Additionally it is obtainable in indoor versions locally powered and outdoor versions with reverse power feed (RPF). A whole summary of the Positrons GAM Solution Brief can be acquired here:

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About HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) can be an industry alliance that includes the worlds best in technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers, and providers to market, a globally recognized gigabit home networking technology predicated on ITU-T standards. may be the most dependable and versatile wireless home network backbone on the market. Our members promote the global adoption of, an individual unified, multi-sourced networking technology over coax, copper pairs, powerline, and plastic optical fiber. HomeGrid Forum provides silicon and system certification by way of a strict compliance and interoperability testing program. To learn more on HomeGrid Forum, please visit our website at

HomeGrid is registered trademark of the HomeGrid Forum in the usa along with other countries. GiGAWire is really a registered trademark of KT Corporation and an authorized trademark to be utilized by HomeGrid Forum. VectorBoost is really a registered trademark of MaxLinear.

About Positron Access

Positron Access focuses on carrier grade telecommunications products that raise the bandwidth delivered and the length that it could be sent to subscribers within the core access network and within residential and multi-tenant building using existing wiring infrastructure. Included in these are line powered DSL line amplifiers/extenders that double the client serving areas, raise the bandwidth and selection of ADSL2+ and VDSL2 copper pairs; Gigabit Access Multiplexers (GAM) offering managed non-blocking symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth to subscribers in MDU/MTUs over copper pairs or coax at significantly longer distances, greater stability, reduced complexity and less expensive than or DOCSIS; bonded copper solutions for mobile backhaul, core transport, access and edge aggregation. To find out more on Positron Access please visit:

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