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Hostile wild turkey attacks Bay Area resident, wails on cop car

Photo of Joshua Bote

An unrelated stock photo of a wild turkey.

An unrelated stock photo of a wild turkey.

Scott Denny/Getty Images

A wild turkey on the loose near a Bay Area airport reportedly earned itself the lengthy nickname Vacavilloceraptor this weekend after attacking an area and a police car.

As reported by KTVU Monday, the incident occurred near an airport in Fairfield whenever a hostile turkey began attacking a resident.

The resident then contacted the authorities. A patrol officer that arrived then was at the mercy of the turkey striking the automobile with the officer still inside, KTVU reported.

Instead of confront the turkey, video shows the officer driving away because the turkey trails the officer.

The officer, KTVU reported, offered some easy methods to handle a wild turkey attack.

“Stay static in your automobile, they havent determined door handles yet,” the officer told the station. “Also, consider safely driving away. They could only run around 25 mph.”

California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Ken Pagia told SFGATE that wild turkeys, while still rare, have adapted to urban environments and will become aggressive in addition to a nuisance, particularly when fed by the general public.

His advice for confronting an aggressive turkey would be to haze it.

If youre approached by an aggressive turkey and feel uncomfortable, it is possible to haze the pet without hurting it by standing tall, shouting aggressively, or by throwing sticks or rocks at it, Pagia told SFGATE.

The residents strategy was also effective addressing a safe place and contacting police as was the officer residing in the automobile.

But Pagia notes that turkeys will often get extra aggressive with cars.

Remember that male turkeys sometimes peck at windows or other reflective surfaces since they appear to think their reflection is another bird within their territory, he said.

Turkey attacks, while still rare, have become in notoriety in the Bay Area recently. Between Gerald terrorizing Oakland residents across a lot of 2020, and the band of turkeys who wrought havoc at NASAs Ames Research Center earlier this season, the chaos theyve created has intensified beyond pandemic novelty.

The end result is that folks should respect wild turkeys giving them space rather than providing food or water, Pagia said.

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