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Hot Springs Village, AR Reverend and Author Publishes Religious Deliberation

God, Our Servant: THAT PEOPLE MAY ALSO Become Servants, a fresh book by Rev. Richard W. Ames, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Many think that we have been the servants of God, but imagine if it were another way around?

After 40 years of teaching, visiting, and counseling Christians, Rev. Richard W. Ames knows that we now have “gaps” in Biblical knowledge and the expression of this knowledge for most believers, gaps that have also existed in their own faith.

God, Our Servant: THAT PEOPLE MAY ALSO Become Servants addresses several misconceptions and is aimed toward helping anyone who has faith grow within their knowledge of that faith. Take including the phrase, “All of the good people will undoubtedly be in hell, while all of the bad people will undoubtedly be in heaven,” that is explored in more detail within.

Uncover the position and attitude God assumes as he works together with the sin of each human; He could be the servant of the sinner, not his / her master.

Concerning the Author

Rev. Richard W. Ames’ life has been full both of great evil and an operating faith. As a young child, both he and his home were terrible. He was also incarcerated in a Juvenile Detention Center, beaten horribly, his naked body designed to parade while watching other inmates, whose jeers and laughter were humiliating.

When Ames left the guts for home, a stranger invited him to Sunday School, and reluctantly, he went. There, he met our Savior and struggled to comprehend what everything meant.

As Ames grew in faith in Jesus, he met some amazing Christians, who encouraged him to pursue ministry being an important profession. Thereafter, he received BA degrees in theology and psychology, and furthered his education by obtaining an MS degree in Christian counseling, accruing a complete of 3,000 hours of clinical education, which is accredited.

God, Our Servant is really a 268-page hardback with a retail price of $25.00 (eBook $20.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6393-7708-4. It had been published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request an assessment copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or even to choose the book visit our online bookstore at

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