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House of Lobkowicz Restores Czech Art Funded By NFTs

Because of NFTs, the home of Lobkowicz, a Czech noble family, has unveiled and reinstalled over fifty priceless artwork within their exhibition spaces in the Czech Republic. In October 2021, they created and exhibited the Lobkowicz Collections within a Non-Fungible Castle event.

Due to this event and the NFT sales, historical art pieces have been restored. Now, the NFT holders are receiving NFTs of famous artwork post-restoration as thanks because of their support.

Image of the House of Lobkowicz NFTs
THE HOME of Lobkowicz has fully restored over 50 works of art because of NFTs.

House of Lobkowicz NFTs help restore priceless artwork

Interestingly, the noble family has chosen a distinctive method of web3. NFTs have already been critical in restoring the home of Lobkowicz art pieces. They try to involve their community and involve them along the way of restoration by means of cultural philanthropy.

For this reason approach, they will have built a residential area that cares about culture, art, and preserving historical items. Significantly, they set the cost of each NFT based on the cost of restoration.

The Non-Fungible Castle NFT collection

THE HOME of Lobkowicz created three NFTs to create their enormous restoration project possible. Firstly, there is the Proof Patronage NFTs, priced to complement restoration costs. Secondly, Digital Explorations offered an insight into how digital technology can boost and protect art.

Because of this, animation, music, x-ray and infrared helped showing the home of Lobkowicz art in a fresh light. Finally, the 3rd group of NFTs supplies a creative reaction to the initial artworks by contemporary artists.

THE HOME of Lobkowicz NFT project was an enormous success, showing the energy of NFTs. Later on, we’re able to see similar projects concentrating on cultural philanthropy.

Image of Lobkowicz castle
Because of the success of the home of Lobkowicz NFTs, the noble family is releasing a fresh collection in November.

Historical art and web3 philanthropy

Several historic and culturally important artworks are on the list of pieces now fully restored. This consists of A Wild Boar in a Landscape(1694),a painting that has in Wes Andersons award-winning filmThe Grand Budapest Hotel(2014) andPortrait of Doa Margarita Teresa Infanta of Spain, Archduchess of Austria and Empress(16621664. They are now on exhibition at the grand Nelahozeves Castle.

Possibly the most challenging restoration project was the Chinese Belvedere. This is a room in the Lobkowicz Palace featuring elaborate murals and art dating to 1906.

What next for House of Lobkowicz NFTs?

Due to the Non-Fungible Castle experiments success, you can find plans for a fresh project to keep bridging the gap between your traditional art world and web3.

Furthermore, because of the NFT collection, there’s now an obvious exemplory case of NFTs restoring precious art that others may use.

Continue, the home of Lobkowicz will try to explore how they are able to use blockchain technology to rediscover, share, and preserve cultural identity.

The next edition of Non-Fungible Castle will need put on November 4th5th. Furthermore, the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle will host a free of charge NFT exhibition from October 27th to November 14th.

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