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House of the Dragon premiere crashes HBO Max streaming, mostly burning Sticks

Besides unreleased and disappearing content, there were a lot of complaints concerning the HBO Max streaming apps given that they launched. Still, theyve generally organized well beneath the stress of premieres for content like Tenet, Wonder Woman, The Matrix, or Westworld, but also for HBO there might not be anything such as a Game of Thrones premiere.

Tonights debut of the shows spinoff, House of the Dragon, may be the first taste of a fresh GOT experience inside HBO Max, even though many people attempting to stream the premiere episode are watching with out a problem, others said the app crashed in it, or froze up once it got at night pre-show teaser trailer.

Predicated on reports seen on Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere, it would appear that a lot of people having problems are employing an Amazon Fire TV platform, or perhaps a Fire Stick. Its unclear why that app, specifically, could have problems, but if youre deploying it and you also cant watch, you might want to try switching in the event that you cant wait to see all of the Targarayens going at it. If its your primary streaming device, an added little bit of advice folks have reported success with would be to develop a new profile.

In a statement emailed to The Verge, HBOs Chris Willard said, House of the Dragon has been successfully viewed by an incredible number of HBO Max subscribers tonite. Were alert to a small part of users wanting to connect via Fire TV devices which are having issues and so are along the way of resolving for all those impacted users.

Regardless of the issue is, dont be prepared to see this repeat in future seasons by next year, theyll have a fresh app anyway.

Update August 21st, 10: 40PM ET: Updated with statement from HBO.

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