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House of the Dragons biggest spoiler and full plot leaked online

HBO Max is in turmoil since it prepares to merge with Discovery Plus. But House of the Dragons release date stays unchanged, with the Game of Thrones spinoff set going to HBO on August 21st. You dont need to wait that long to understand concerning the biggest House of the Dragon spoiler, though, as a complete plot leak can be acquired online, spilling all the shows secrets.

If it wasnt already clear, well warn you that massive House of the Dragon spoilers follow below.

Its been 3 years, 8 weeks, and 17 days since the atrocious Game of Thrones finale. Well remember what happened that day, the culmination of a horrible season 8. And again, its not about Dany (Emilia Clarke) dying in the ultimate episode. Its concerning the lousy season 8 experience getting us there.

Thats to state that GOT gave some fans such heartache they may have difficulty getting behind any reboot/spinoff project. Whether its House of the Dragon or the Jon Snow project, theres no guarantee this bad storytelling wont happen again.

However, the Game of Thrones season 8 was also an enormous teaching moment for HBO. Hopefully, the studio has learned from its mistakes and can prevent future Game of Thrones showrunners from ruining the house. What HBO hasnt masted may be the art of secrecy, if this big House of the Dragon plot leak is accurate.

That is your last possiblity to steer clear of the spoilers that follow following the shows final trailer.

House of the Dragon is quite, excellent

A Redditor who somehow had usage of information regarding all 10 episodes in House of the Dragons season 1 says the plot is quite, excellent.

Before actually posting an extremely detailed leak, he offered the next outline of the House of the Dragon plot:

The fantastic council of Harrenhall will feature because the cold open of the season/series

Battle of the Stepstones in episode 3

Laenas death in childbirth episode 6

Laenors death in episode 7

Aemond loses his eye and claims Vhagar episode 7

Viserys died end of episode 8

Battle at Storms Result in episode 10

Final scene of the growing season: Daemon tells Rhaenyra that Luke is dead

It really is an exceptionally close adaption of what we realize from Fire & Blood without significant deviations, the individual says. If youve read it, you know everything that may happen this year (with one exception that I’ll let you know by the end [of the Reddit post]).

hbo house of the dragon
Milly Alcock as Young Rhaenyra, and Emily Carey as Young Alicent, in HBOs Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. Image source: Ollie Upton/HBO

The big Game of Thrones spoiler

But well let you know the big House of the Dragon story spoiler at this time. The Targaryen dynasty is aware of the White Walkers threat. Theyve always known apparently. The series will explore that, and well hopefully realize why the type of kings had kept the trick, and how it could have already been lost between House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones.

Plenty of you’re probably already guessing this predicated on comments manufactured in interviews following the premiere. I must say i, really hate this however the Targaryen dynasty is aware of the White Walkers. This knowledge influenced Aegon the Conqueror to unite the Seven Kingdoms.

The plot implies it is a tightly held secret between your king and his heir. Viserys tells Rhaenyra by the end of episode one when he decides she’ll be his heir. Rhaenyra also tells Daemon (who didn’t know) in episode 10. It isn’t directly mentioned in virtually any other scene/episode and is actually inconsequential to the plot beyond an instant of doubt on Rhaenyras part when she contemplates making peace before news of Lukes death.

My very own assumption is that its book canon. Its information that may be lost with the death of Rhaenyra and Daemon but later rediscovered by Aegon V and finally Rhaegar. Its a conclusion because of their strange behavior.

House of the Dragon gets its first teaser trailer. Image source: HBO

The entire House of the Dragon plot leak

If that information isn’t mind-blowing enough, you need to know that exactly the same Redditor posted online the complete House of the Dragon plot. It includes plenty of information regarding each episode, at all times jumps in the story, and all of the exciting twists.

Much like any plot leak, theres no chance to verify the massive House of the Dragon spoilers. But well just need to see episode 1 to inform if the information was correct or not.

Having said that, you can browse the House of the Dragon plot leak completely below:

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