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How AlphaTauris F1 update addressed its biggest weakness

The cars strengths and weaknesses have meant that at circuits including slow and twisty sections, like Monaco and Baku, it has produced the products. Whereas at high-speed venues, with faster corners, it has struggled much more.

The team knows this issue and the major update it taken to last weekends French Grand Prix was centered on helping the automobile to are better across all conditions and corners and not simply some specific ones.

As Guillaume Dezoteux, AlphaTauri’s head of vehicle performance, said: This update was mainly round the floor and the complete floor [itself].

Beginning with the inlet, fence geometry, floor edge geometry and diffuser geometry and the bodywork around it. The ground structure within the car is totally different and desire to is producing downforce generally in most of the attitudes the automobile is taking round the lap.

Due to that this update is delivering on expectations, so it is a standard gain of load generally in most of the conditions: low speed, medium speed corners, high roll, low roll.

Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri AT03

Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri AT03

Photo by: Alastair Staley / Motorsport Images

The arrival of the brand new parts didn’t drastically alter the look DNA of the AT03, and featured no mechanical changes, with the team preferring to create optimisations of what it already had set up.

The biggest of the changes, at the very least from an aesthetic viewpoint, came by means of the Red Bull-style upper sidepod and engine cover shoulder, with a revised geometry found in order to make a larger gulley for the airflow to check out.

This delivers not just a local improvement, but additionally helps the airflow thats making its way over the sidepods towards the coke-bottle region, since it will undoubtedly be further protected by the raised sides of the bodywork above.

Alpha Tauri AT03 outer floor fence comparison

Alpha Tauri AT03 outer floor fence comparison

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

Alpha Tauri AT03 floor comparison

Alpha Tauri AT03 floor comparison

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

The team also made changes to its floor, with the geometry and position of the fences in the tunnel’s entrance altered, as the outer fence has been shortened quite significantly.

That is in order that both connect to each other more seamlessly and develop a blast of vorticity that helps in managing the wake developed by leading tyre which can be damaging to aerodynamic performance.

To ensure that the edge wing may take benefit of the performance enhancements upstream of it, the team has tweaked its design too. A vertical Gurney has been put into the trunk section where it really is lifted from your body of the ground (red arrow, old spec inset).

The team believes that should assist in improving the forming of the ground edge vortex and derive more load from the trunk of the ground and diffuser as a result.

Alpha Tauri AT03 diffuser comparison

Alpha Tauri AT03 diffuser comparison

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

With that vortex powered up and being submitted the diffuser’s direction (above), it has additionally opted to produce a change to the look of the diffusers sidewall, deleting the mouse house-shaped cutout (inset, red arrow) and owning a full-length lower edge.

This, as described by the team, can help the diffuser to keep more load and make use of the improvements in flow from upstream of it.

As the changes had seemed to make the automobile feel more sharp in Friday practice, its pace fell away on Saturday, and both drivers struggled through qualifying and the race. But Paul Ricard’s tricky characteristics, with high temperatures at a front-limited venue, could explain why several teams were baffled by their fluctuating form on the weekend.

A far greater picture of precisely what AlphaTauris upgrade has taken ought to be delivered at the medium-speed Hungaroring track this weekend.

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