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How AMCs “Interview with the Vampire” will expand on Lestat

This story originally appeared on Winter is Coming.

AMC is readying a fresh series predicated on “Interview With The Vampire,” the landmark 1976 book from author Anne Rice that has been eventually converted into a landmark 1994 movie starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as sexually fluid bloodsuckers who spend the centuries moping through their melancholy un-lives. Rice released a follow-up,”The Vampire Lestat,” in 1985, officially kicking off aVampire Chroniclesuniverse that’s beloved even today.

The extended universe is certainly appealing to AMC, that is hoping this first seriesresults in several spinoffs. ButInterviewremains Rice’s hottest story, and the wicked Lestat her most enduring character. Tom Cruise played him in the initial movie, and today Australian actor Sam Reid will play him in the AMC show.

Reid toldComicBook.comhe is “super familiar” with Rice’s books. “Huge fan of the books, huge fan,” he said. “When I read that it had been going to be produced into a Television show I was just really hopeful that I had the chance to audition for this. So yeah, large sums of pressure as you believe that pressure to ensure that your home is up to the type on the planet that you like so much. After all, there’s a large amount of pressure because they’re so loved these books which world that she created but additionally the pressure that you placed on yourself to surpass them aswell is complete. But what a fantastic opportunity and gift and privilege in order to become a part of it.”

“Interview With The Vampire” will continue to work in elements from “The Vampire Lestat”

The pressure is certainly on, partly as the show is changing a whole lot concerning the books, that is making fans (okay, making me) nervous. Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Lestat’s relationship begins a couple of centuries later than it can in the book, andDaniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian) that is the interviewer who interviews the vampire is older, and is in fact interviewing Louis for the next amount of time in his career. That’s an odd one.

“I really like the film. I really like Tom Cruise’s performance in the movie, too,” said Reid. “But what we reach do is, when Anne wrote the next book, she type of broke the type open a bit and you also understand a bit more, earns more backstory. Therefore, that’s what we’ve done.”

I reach bring in each one of these fantastic elements that she type of discusses in the books you do not really reach see in the movie because there’s only two hours and because it’s more predicated on that original book and we’re type of looking at the complete universe. So, it’s super exciting.

Now, that truly sounds more amenable if you ask me; if they’re creating a whole Television show out of “Interview With The Vampire,” itwould seem sensible to include a few of the backstory we enter “The Vampire Lestat,” because the title character is this important area of the plot. I’ll remain optimistic

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