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How Black girls can reclaim their voice in music | Kyra Gaunt

Kyra Gaunt | NYU Press, 2006 | Book

The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double-Dutch to Hip-hop

In this book, I traced the partnership between Black girls’ musical street play and the emerging hits of male artists that demonstrates a gendered bias toward male dominance in music entertainment and media. I trace an identical pattern in online musical apps in my own next book, tentatively titled Played: How Music and Tech Orchestrates Violence Against Black Girls Online.

Trevor Boffone | Oxford University Press, 2021 | Book

Renegades: Digital Dance Cultures from Dubsmash to TikTok

A lot of books concentrate on young people’s fixation on phones, cultural appropriation of Blackness or hip-hop as music and pedagogy. Renegades tackles all that with a “Woah!” tagged on. Boffone confronts whiteness, anti-Black sexism and also COVID-19 along with his insights about digital dance trends.

Naomi Wolf | TEDxSBU, 2015 | Watch

“Sexual violence and female silence: how rape suppresses voice”

A third of women have already been assaulted or violated sexually by way of a trusted male by enough time they’re 18. Women are underrepresented atlanta divorce attorneys sector (including music and tech) that want a willingness to speak in strong declarative sentences, assert their opinions clearly, step in to the limelight and take part in verbal conflict resolution. Just how do these facts correlate? This TEDx Talk help us know how women’s relative reluctance to be “out front” often is due to past violence.

Stacey Patton | Beacon Press, 2017 | Book

Spare the youngsters: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America

The chapter “YOU SHOULDN’T BE an easy Girl: How Hitting Your Daughter Can Trigger Early Puberty” is really a lesson in the slow violence done to Black girls that are disciplined for online musical play that sits at the intersection of misogyny in hip-hop and among audiences of online twerking. Parents and teachers thinking about protecting Black girls from the emotional and psychological abuse they encounter online will undoubtedly be moved by the study and writing in this book.

Catherine D’Ignazio, Lauren F. Klein | The MIT Press, 2020 | Book

Data Feminism

While my talk is really as much about music and the mobile media dating back to to cassette players in girls’ bedroom play, another entity online may be the interface that signals serp’s, recommendations and view counts supplying a feminist reading of the results of big data. (Data Feminism is really a must-read for interpreting the biases that accompany the numbers behind apps and the monetization of creators’ content on YouTube and TikTok.

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