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How Deedee Carreras Became Managing Partner at Greenlight Financial

How Deedee Carreras Became Managing Partner at Greenlight Financial

Miami, FL, September 07, 2022 –(–Deedee Carreras has big dreams. Currently, a managing partner at Greenlight Financial LLC, as she knows what must be done to get just what you need out of life. She says dedication, effort, networking and savviness is what has helped her fortify an effective career of almost 20 years, traits that she embodies effortlessly which are evident upon meeting her.

Her trajectory to her current success had not been an average one. She was created and raised until 12 yrs . old in Cuba, where she had a rich educational and social life regardless of the realities of surviving in a communist regime. At this type of crucial age, everything she knew as her life would change when she was forced to immigrate to a fresh country she knew so little about. When Deedee and her family found its way to the US, that they had only a suitcase filled with books and the clothes on the backs. Despite knowing hardly any English, she applied herself, graduated middle school and excelled in SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, eventually graduating college having an Accounting degree.

In college, she had to discover a way to pay the bills but choosing the normal retail job wasnt what Deedee was after; she soon secured employment at a boutique firm in Coral Gables. Her rise in the field was an uphill battle, she quickly expanded her skills and took on high-level accounting work like analyzing business, bookkeeping and mergers and acquisitions. While she was smart and excellent at her job, Deedee recalls needing to consistently work around other peoples doubts because of her being truly a young woman in a male-dominated industry. But Deedee was highly dedicated and demonstrated a standard sense method of business that came naturally.

In several short years, she had gathered enough experience where she stepped into Wireless Latin Entertainment, LLC (WILAEN) being an outsourced controller. WILAEN was a little Miami based communications company that has been on the brink of global expansion. On the next 7 years, Deedee will be instrumental in the growth of WILAEN; the business soon expanded into 17 different countries in central and SOUTH USA and another 7 countries in Africa. At the moment, she managed over 85 employees worldwide and reported right to the CFO. WILAEN was among the many projects ahead and was simultaneous with the boutique accounting firm, Greenlight Financial.

Deedee played an instrumental role to make Greenlight Financial what it really is today, a high accounting firm in Miami, FL that serves an array of clients across the world. Alongside her business partners, Gerry Mujica and Monica Uscategui, Greenlight Financial is continuing to grow from the boutique firm to a significant player in the market with strategically oriented, financial and operational analysis along with accounting and bookkeeping services.

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