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How do dermatology do something against climate change?

climate change
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A commentary in the International Journal of Dermatology stresses the requirement for dermatologists to activate more meaningfully on key climate issues also to move beyond discussions of the skin-related impacts of climate change.

The authors remember that they along with other dermatologists are professionally charged with diagnosing, treating, researching, and mitigating the from but additionally must consider that healthcare has become the carbon-intensive service sectors worldwide.

They explain that significant reductions in carbon emissions are readily achieved in dermatology by increased usage of telehealth services and virtual medical meetings and residency interviews. Also, dermatologists should prioritize funding for climate-health research to enhance healthcare sustainability and decarbonize the profession.

“Our research, advocacy, and policies should be ambitious in scope, reaching beyond cutaneous disease to integrate the impact of climate change on social determinants of health insurance and support resiliency and invulnerable populations,” the authors wrote. “We’ve an ethical vital to act. Enough time is currently for dermatologists and our medical societies to collectively rise to meet up this crisis.”

More info: Dermatology’s call to emergency action on climate change, International Journal of Dermatology (2022). DOI: 10.1111/ijd.16301

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