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How England’s looming drought will hit the country’s wildlife hard

From dried-up rivers and peatlands to burned-out habitats, the extreme dry conditions across a lot of England are squeezing from endangered spiders to fish spawning grounds

Environment 10 August 2022

By Adam Vaughan

Low water levels

Low water levels at Grafham Water in Perry, UK, on 8 August

Terry Harris/Shutterstock

From birds and butterflies to salmon and trout, Englands extreme dry conditions are taking their toll on wildlife. Drought status is looming for large places following the driest July since 1935, and looks set to to last on 9 August, the UKs Centre for Ecology and Hydrogy said rivers will undoubtedly be exceptionally low until October in central, eastern and southern England.

While thousands of people will undoubtedly be affected, other species are facing life-threatening impacts as

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