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How exactly to Add Channels to a Roku

Roku remote in hand in front of a Roku home screen.
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Apps on Roku devices are known as Channels, and theyre a fundamental element of the knowledge. Your Roku probably was included with a lot of pre-installed channels, nevertheless, you can install more by yourself. Well demonstrate how.

Channels are located in theunsurprisinglyChannel Store on the Roku. However, the Channel Store is available beneath the Streaming Channels label on the house screen. Thats where well start.


Next, youll visit a amount of categories to explore. The Featured category is what youll be taken to first. Utilize the d-pad on your own remote to navigate along through the sidebar.

Channel Store home.

Gleam search feature once you learn just what youre searching for. Demand Search Channels option and utilize the keyboard on the screen to enter the channel or game name.

Search for channels in the store.

Once youve settled on a channel to set up, youll simply choose the Add Channel button.

Following the channel installs, it is possible to launch it directly by selecting Head to Channel. The channel may also be added to underneath of the channel list on the house screen.


Its really as simple as that. The Roku Channel Store is filled with streaming services and games which are ideal for your TV. Its among the best app stores on streaming media platforms. Make best use of it.

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