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How exactly to Boot PS4 in Safe Mode

A Sony PS4 console with a DualShock controller next to it on a blue background.
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Utilizing the options in PlayStation 4s Safe Mode, it is possible to resolve various problems, update the program, along with reset your console to the factory settings. Well demonstrate how exactly to enter this mode and use various options inside it.

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WHAT’S PlayStation 4s Safe Mode?

PlayStation 4s Safe Mode loads one’s body only utilizing the bare essential files. This allows the console to isolate problematic files so that you can resolve your errors. In this mode, it is possible to rebuild one’s body database, manually install software updates, and also reset your console. Remember that wireless functions usually do not work in safe mode, so youll have to have a USB cord handy to utilize your controller.

When youve finished your tasks, it is possible to exit Safe Mode and reboot your PS4 in normal mode.

How exactly to Enter Safe Mode on your own PlayStation 4

It is possible to boot your PS4 in Safe Mode utilizing a button on the console itself.

To achieve that, first, power off your PS4. You can certainly do this by holding down the energy button on the console for three seconds. Whenever your PS4s light stops blinking, the console has fully switched off.

Press the Power button on the PS4.

After powering down the PS4, press and hold down the energy button onto it for approximately eight seconds. Forget about the energy button once the console makes the next beep (the initial beep is manufactured once you press the energy button).

Connect your controller to your PS4 utilizing a USB cable as you cant utilize the wireless mode when in safe mode. On your own PS4-connected screen, at this point you see various options.

Heres what each option does:

  • Restart PS4: To obtain out of Safe Mode and boot your PS4 in normal mode, choose this program.
  • Change Resolution: In case you have screen issues, select this program to improve your resolution and repair the problem.
  • Update System Software: Utilize this substitute for update your PS4s software online or utilizing a USB storage drive or perhaps a disc.
  • Restore Default Settings: It is possible to reset your PS4s settings with this particular option. Remember that your apps, games, saved game data, along with other files wont be removed.
  • Rebuild Database: To repair various system problems with your PS4, utilize this substitute for recreate the machine database.
  • Initialize PS4: This program deletes all data on your own console and resets the console to the factory settings.
  • Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software): This program deletes all of your user data and the PS4 firmware.
  • Set HDCP Mode (only on the PS4 Pro model): If your 4K TV (without HDCP 2.2 support) doesnt display a graphic, select this program and choose HDCP 1.40 And then resolve your issue.

PS4's Safe Mode.

Once youve finished your tasks, reboot your PS4 in normal mode utilizing the Restart PS4 option.

And thats all there’s to booting your PS4 in safe mode and using various options inside it. Enjoy!

When you have problems with your controller, it is possible to reset your PS4 controller to potentially fix the problems with it.

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