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How exactly to Change the Passcode on your own iPhone

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Think someone has determined your iPhones passcode? If that’s the case, consider changing your passcode to different things and stronger. Well demonstrate how exactly to do that on your own phone.

In this guide, we assume you understand your present passcode and you also want to change it out to another thing. In the event youve forgotten your passcode, then have a look at our other guide on that topic.

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Change iPhones Passcode

To begin with the passcode update process, launch Settings on your own iPhone.

In Settings, select Touch ID & Passcode or Face ID & Passcode (based on your iPhone model).


Enter your iPhones current passcode to keep.

Type the current passcode.

Scroll listed below that opens and tap Change Passcode.


On the Change Passcode page, enter your present passcode.

Enter the old passcode.

Once the Enter YOUR BRAND-NEW Passcode message appears, type the new passcode you need to use. If youd prefer to work with a different passcode type, tap Passcode Options.

Type the new passcode.

In the event that you chose Passcode Options, select among the three types:

  • Custom Alphanumeric Code: Choose this program to create a passcode containing both letters and numbers.
  • Custom Numeric Code: Select this program to create a passcode that only contains numbers. Letters aren’t allowed.
  • 4-Digit Numeric Code: This program lets you setup a four-digit numeric passcode.

Select a passcode type.

On the Verify YOUR BRAND-NEW Passcode page, enter your brand-new passcode once more.

Reenter the new passcode.

And thats it. Your passcode has been successfully changed on your own iPhone. Youll now utilize this new code every time you desire to unlock your iPhone. Enjoy!

While youre at it, you might want to customize whenever your iPhone automatically locks or get your iPhone to erase all of your data after multiple failed passcode attempts. Have a look at our guides to understand how exactly to use these features.

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