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How exactly to Conduct a Poll in Google Meet

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Searching for some honest opinions? By conducting a poll in Google Meet, it is possible to have the responses you should decide, perform research, or see if many people are on a single page. Following the meeting ends, youll even get a report with the responses so that you can analyze them further.

Note: By August 2022, youll require a Google Workspace account to conduct a poll. This consists of Essentials, Business Standard or Plus, Enterprise Starter, Essentials, Standard, or Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, G Suite Business, Nonprofits, and Workspace Individual Subscribers.

Develop a Poll in Google Meet

It is possible to create a poll and display it to participants immediately or save it and launch it anytime throughout your meeting.

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Once your Google Meet begins, choose the Activities icon on underneath right of the screen.

Choose Polls > Take up a Poll.

Start a poll in the Polls section of Activities

Enter the question for the poll and the solution options.

Question and answer fields for a poll

To permit responses without names, start that toggle. To show the poll immediately, select Launch also to save it for later, pick Save.

Launch and Save options

When you wish to show a saved poll, click on the Activities icon, select Polls and choose Launch for the main one you wish to show.

Launch a poll in Google Meet

Edit, Delete, or Create Another Poll

You can even change, remove, or create another poll. Reopen the actions > Polls section and do among the following:

  • Select Edit to improve the question or answers and pick Save or Launch.
  • Click on the Trash Can icon to delete a poll. You’ll not be asked to verify this step.
  • Pick Develop a Poll in the bottom to create another poll, if youd prefer to conduct several throughout your meeting.

Edit, Delete, or Create another poll

How Participants Vote

Once you launch a poll throughout your Google Meet, participants visit a blue dot on the Activities icon on underneath right. They click on the icon and start to see the same indicator close to Polls in the experience list.

Activities indicator

Then they answer fully the question by marking among the options and selecting Vote.

Poll indicator and poll

They are able to then utilize the arrow at the top left to return or close the sidebar with the X at the top right.

Note: A participant cannot change their answer once theyve voted.

View or End a Live Poll

To see poll results because they come in, return to Activities > Polls and choose the one you would like to view. Youll start to see the amount of votes for every answer option in real-time.

Responses to a poll in Google Meet

If youd prefer to make the responses public to your participants, start the toggle for Show Everyone the outcomes. They are able to then go back to Activities > Polls and see the amount of votes for every answer aswell.

Show poll results toggle

To summary the poll, select End the Poll. It’ll no longer be accessible even though new participants join the meeting.

End the Poll button

Review Your Poll Results

After your Google Meet ends, youll receive your poll results via email to the address mounted on your Google account.

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It is possible to click on the Polling Results link or the icon to open the report which displays in Google Sheets.

Google Meet poll results email

Youll visit a tab for several Polls which ultimately shows you how each individual answered each poll.

Results for All Polls

You might also need separate tabs for the polls numbered in the order you created them. Each one of these supplies the name (if you don’t allowed anonymous responses), answer, and a timestamp.

Results for one poll

Conducting a poll in Google Meet is indeed easy that its a convenient solution to get answers or opinions from all of your participants. Plus, you’ve got a record of the responses afterward that you could analyze or share.

In the event that you regularly have to get thoughts and information from people in your circle, consider developing a survey with Google Forms.

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